COVID-19 related leadership resources

Explore discussion prompts about how to lead during this time of crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These online resources offer thought-provoking perspectives and pose important questions for education leaders to reflect on the skills needed to lead their schools through a crisis.

The resources can help education leaders discover new ways to manage and maintain relationships, foster agency, support professional learning communities, sustain teaching and learning, as well as guide reflection. 


How do I lead in a time of crisis? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a dramatic interruption in the way we lead. This resource offers insights on what questions are most helpful to be asking right now to help you lead through crisis. 

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How do I sustain our community and our relationships?

Leaders are now being asked to work in circumstances most have never experienced before. This discussion prompt offers tips for surviving school closures, managing distance learning, and moving into the 'new normal'.  

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How is COVID-19 changing the balance of power?

Leadership in a crisis has to balance taking quick decisions and leaving room for agency. This online resource further explores the concept of agency and how leaders can help create a safe environment for others to engage with their own agency in times of crisis.

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How is teaching and learning changing a little and a lot?

As students and teachers learn to do things differently as a result of the pandemic, this is an opportunity to reimagine what teaching and learning could look like in the future.  

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What are we learning as a teaching profession?

New networks have been created overnight as professionals reach out to each other to share ideas on how to continue to work effectively despite the COVID-19 crisis. As teachers learn to do things differently, this is an opportunity to reimagine what professional learning could look like in the future. 

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What are we learning as leaders?

Developing a capacity for leadership is a dynamic and evolutionary process that has learning at the centre. IB leaders need to draw upon a range of intellectual capabilities when learning about the context of their school, confronting problems, and exploring new opportunities. Explore the IB leadership intelligences. 

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