Feedback and concerns

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We value feedback and will take appropriate action to improve our services and the experience of students following IB programmes.

The guide below will help you raise an enquiry or concern to the appropriate department.

General feedback about our products or services

Contact the IB Answers customer service team to provide general feedback about IB products or services.

Academic integrity concerns

Academic integrity is a guiding principle in education. It is the foundation for ethical decision-making and behaviour in the production of legitimate, authentic work.

We treat all reports of alleged academic misconduct with importance. Read more about how to report an academic conduct concern here.

Feedback about IB World Schools

The IB delivers its programmes through authorized independent schools. If you have concerns about a service provided by an IB World School, we recommend contacting its management in the first instance.

If, after contacting a school, you would like to make the IB aware of concerns, the "Feedback about services provided by IB World Schools" section includes a contact form and explains the action we will take.

Complaints about services provided by the IB

This section explains how we will investigate and respond to concerns about services provided directly by the IB.

Schools hold direct relationships with students and parents. We are unable to consider concerns relating to services provided or decisions made by schools acting within their areas of responsibility. We expect all IB World Schools to make parents and guardians aware of their internal complaints procedures.

Separate policies govern requests for enquiries upon results, appeals and other assessment decisions. Students and parents can contact their school programme coordinator for questions or concerns related to IB assessment.

If after raising concerns regarding results or assessment decisions with the school you wish to provide feedback to the IB, the section provides further advice.