Academic integrity

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Academic integrity is everyone’s responsibility. It must be part of the teaching and learning process and an aspiration of the entire school community.

What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is a principle in education and a choice to act in a responsible way so others can trust us. It means conducting all aspects of your academic life in a responsible and ethical manner. The IB expects students to produce genuine and authentic pieces of work, that represent their own abilities. That is, the IB wants to support "content creators", not "content imitators". Students should give credit where credit is due—so be honest and transparent and recognize how previous work is influencing/supporting your own work.

Read the academic integrity policy (PDF, 3 KB)

Academic integrity in the IB

Academic integrity is an essential aspect of teaching and learning in IB programmes where action is based on inquiry and reflection. All IB community members, including students, should aim to achieve and develop the IB learner profile attributes. From a young age, IB students are expected to be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. In the context of academic integrity, one of the most important attributes is to be "principled". To this end, all students participating in IB programmes are expected to act honestly, responsibly, and ethically.

Academic integrity Q&A

Find out more about the importance of academic integrity in a two-part Q&A session with the IB’s Academic Integrity Manager.

Part one delves into the importance of academic integrity and how to promote it within IB World schools.

Part two discusses cheating and how schools can foster a culture of academic integrity.

Understanding academic integrity

The IB has created a video series highlighting the importance of academic integrity throughout a student’s whole learning journey and within assessments.

How to support academic integrity

IB students are encouraged to be a content creator, not a content imitator (PDF, 851 KB).

You can support academic integrity by familiarizing yourself with our handy checklist: Ten tips for acting with integrity (PDF, 1.6 MB).