Implementation of innovative new e-marking

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The collaboration with RM Results is one of our great success stories, with significant technological advancements in marking assessments.

cardIn 2016, RM Results—a British company providing technology to the education sector— started the work to design and develop Assessor 3, an application that enables on-screen marking on a wide range of devices from anywhere. The aim was to take advantage of new technologies and user-centric design to deliver the best-ever e-marking experience, with quality assessment at its heart.  

The original plan was to fully transition over to RM Assessor 3 by the May 2019 session. After significant hard work, meticulous planning, extensive development and testing, the new programme was ready six months early. It was fully adopted for the November 2018 session.  

Gladys Kong wrote on Twitter “Thank you @IB_DP for making the job of an examiner easier when @RMAssessors is also available in mobile meaning I can mark on my mobile before my flight. #ExaminerLife #IBBio #IBExams” 


This successful collaboration does not end with the implementation of the RM assessor 3. To celebrate the IB’s 50th anniversary, both organizations hosted an event to discuss opportunities and challenges for e-assessment in the future.