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Social justice and equality #equalityIB

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In the next 50 years we will need your solutions to these global challenges. Be inspired by what others in the IB community are doing and create your own social justice and equality project.


How can we work towards a more equal distribution of wealth? In what ways could higher gender equality reduce economic inequalities? How could local communities address human rights issues? 

We have reached out to several IB graduates who are actively thinking about how these issues affect their lives and work today. As you define your challenge, you can consider their guidance and get inspiration from their stories below.

How to begin

Define the challenge you want to find a solution for, build a team, and present your world-changing ideas using #generationIB and #equalityIB on Twitter, Instagram and/or Periscope.



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to #equalityIB:

    • Gender equality
    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Reduced inequalities
    • Partnerships for the goals.

Societies have manifested distinctions between their members, which has led to gaps in civilizations. These gaps are often used to demarcate people and assigning them a position in society, with a pre-determined role. Theoretically, all humans have the same rights, and now it’s time to enforce them. How can we create a more inclusive and just world, where all individuals have the same rights and opportunities? We need to tackle challenges related to gender, economic, and political inequalities and ensure decent work and economic growth for everyone.

Take a look at how your country is doing on these SDGs: 5, 8, 10 and 17.

  • In what ways does gender equality benefit society?

    "Gender equality benefits all; it contributes to greater economic growth, a more socially just society, and women in leadership, including women's engagement in peace processes, are more likely to lead to lasting peace agreements… If we are truly to progress, we need to crack the gender inequality challenge – and that is what I am working on; and why I keep working in this field.”  Sarah Brun International School of Stavanger, Norway