IB Excellence and Equity (E2) Initiative workshops

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All schools participating in the IB E2 Initiative will receive 16 registrations to four dedicated workshops, with optional access to a fifth.

IB Leadership for Equity (Participants: Head of School and DP/CP Coordinator):

This workshop is aimed at Heads of School and DP/CP coordinators for the purpose of developing new approaches that focus on the eliminations of barriers for access in the Diploma and Career-related Programmes for all students. The workshop is designed to develop purposeful strategies for students in low income and underrepresented minority populations. The culminating goals of this workshop will be to equip participants to lead site-based equity teams and to implement a school specific action plan that develop new strategies and remove barriers in the following areas:

  • Philosophy and culture
  • Teaching and learning
  • Professional development
  • Leadership
  • Student support

IB Counselling for Equity (one counsellor in 2017-2018 and one counsellor in 2018-2019)

The central purpose of this workshop is to ensure that counsellors gain an understanding of how to address equity and access within the Diploma and/or Career-related Programmes. Counsellors will investigate the underlying philosophies of equity, review the role of professional development to motivate and engage stakeholders, and examine the systems and processes in their school. The culminating goal is to work towards developing an action plan that will eliminate barriers to achievement for all students (with a specific focus on low-income and underrepresented minority populations) and increase IB course enrollment.

IB ATL for Equity (participants: Teacher Leaders from the six curricular DP groups)

This workshop will introduce the DP’s approaches to teaching and learning (ATL) and give participants an opportunity to discuss implementation of these elements to meet the needs of diverse learners. This will be done by understanding and applying approaches to teaching and learning to create optimal learning environments for all learners. Participants will reflect on their practice and discuss equity in the context of planning pedagogical approaches for diverse learners. Workshop participants will each create an ATL for equity action plan for their schools.

IB Assessment for Equity (participants: Teacher Leaders from each of the curricular DP groups, six total per school)

This workshop will explore how DP assessment practices can increase access and equity within your school. By evaluating and understanding DP examination results, DP course objectives and current assessment literature, teachers can make DP courses accessible to a broader range of students. Participants will explore practices in terms of analyzing IB data, using formative assessments, and rethinking grading, recording and reporting practices to promote learning. Lastly, participants will redesign the school’s assessment policy to promote greater access to DP classes.

IB Diploma Programme Language A: Language and Literature for All (optional for participating schools, subsidized by IB for IB E2 Initiative participants at $200 per registration)

The English A: Language and Literature for All Workshop is designed to provide both experienced and novice teachers of the curriculum a firm understanding of the structure, objectives, and assessments of the course. A special emphasis is placed on how to structure the course in an inclusive and accessible way through thoughtful sequencing, text selection, effective differentiation, and embedded supports using inquiry-driven and concept-based pedagogy. Participants will come away with a strengthened understanding of the requirements and central concepts of the course, as well as a practical set of tools to begin implementing in their classrooms immediately.

For more details, see the full overview of the Excellence and Equity Initiative.