We want students who are competitive in a variety of areas, while able to think and communicate in any context, especially global.

Daniel Penick DP Coordinator

Who we are

When we talk about education and what it means, what we really want to know is how to instil in our students the knowledge that will make them better learners and better people. How can we be sure that we send them off into life with the skills they really need to grow and develop in a successful, happy way?

What is the IB?

The IB offers an education for students from age 3 to 19, comprising of four programmes that focus on teaching students to think critically and independently, and how to inquire with care and logic. The IB prepares students to succeed in a world where facts and fiction merge in the news, and where asking the right questions is a crucial skill that will allow them to flourish long after they’ve left our programmes. We are supported by IB teachers and coordinators who develop and promote the IB’s curriculums in almost 5,000 schools globally every day, in over 150 countries around the world.

You can also read some facts and figures about the IB, and catch up on some of the research carried out internationally on the impact of an IB education




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Our mission

The IB has grown from a concept that aimed to spread peace through education in 1968 with 7 schools on board, to a global network of almost 5,000 schools internationally. The IB begins in the classroom but doesn’t end there; it goes far beyond that.

IB 50 book cover

50 years of education for a better world

To celebrate 50 years of education for a better world, the IB is proud to present a new book to commemorate how the IB has helped shape a new world of global education that has benefitted students from all backgrounds around the world.

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Who we work with

The IB collaborates with schools, organizations and governments across the world to develop and promote excellence in education.

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What the research says

Our assessment standards are internationally renowned for their rigorousness, but also their ability to promote and develop deep and authentic learning in IB students. An IB education is widely recognised and accepted by universities around the world.