The IB in numbers

Since 1968, we’ve welcomed new schools, new students and a community of new educators all over the world.

The steady growth in the number of schools continues to show the relevance of the IB philosophy for so many schools who have taken on the transformational phase of becoming an IB World School.

As the world changes, the IB will evolve, continuing to innovate to deliver our mission of education for a better world. At our heart, we believe that the purpose of education is for a better world, and IB students can lead us into that future when well prepared by equally thoughtful adults who nurture this in them.

Take a closer look at some figures on how we’ve grown throughout the years, and some key pieces of research that show the unique value of an IB education.


IB research

Some key pieces of research curated by our IB research team.

IB facts and figures

Facts and figures from around the globe.