Offering IB educator certificates

Universities can work with the International Baccalaureate® (IB) to increase the number of teachers and leaders reaching new generations of learners with the IB pedagogy and philosophy.

University teacher education adds an exciting and important professional development pathway for IB educators. By incorporating the IB educator certificates into your existing courses of study, together we can build the capacity of educators to teach.

Find out how to offer our certificates

The IB works with universities to streamline the process of aligning a course of study by providing ongoing consultation and connections with the IB community.

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IB certificates in teaching and learning 

All teachers transform theory into practice, but IB teachers go beyond. Grounded in a global mindset, IB teachers are catalysts for infusing higher-order thinking skills into a new generation of learners. Integrating IB philosophy and pedagogy can add another facet to your contemporary teacher education.

IB certificates in leadership

Those certified in IB leadership can inspire and guide a school community to implement and sustain IB programmes at authorized IB World Schools. IB certificates in leadership acknowledge the leader’s understanding of the principles and practices associated with leading in the wider IB community as well as within the IB World School.