Joining the DP review of subjects

The IB involves the higher education community in curriculum reviews in a variety of ways.

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) aims to produce excellent and relevant curriculum and assessment that is research-based, developed collaboratively, and driven by the IB mission and the international dimension of the programme.

During the review of DP courses or subject groups, the IB: collects comprehensive feedback from a range of stakeholders; analyses existing assessments; and conducts a thorough review of available literature. These activities inform the development of the new course content and assessment.

Opportunities for faculty to be involved in subject reviews include:   

  • Surveys to undergraduate faculty regarding their teaching of the subject area, expectations of first year students, preferred assessment methods, performance of IB students in their programs, and recognition policies at their institutions. Institutions are included based on their intake of IB students, global reputation and ranking, expertise in the subject area, and geographic and cultural diversity
  • Undergraduate faculty are invited to participate in virtual forums, face-to-face meetings, review of draft subject guides, and comparisons of old and new courses
  • Faculty at the forefront of research in a relevant area are commissioned to write research reports or literature reviews
  • Occasionally, the IB organizes subject-specific symposia and invites higher education representatives to participate  
  • Undergraduate faculty are encouraged to apply to become IB examiners, thus gaining familiarity with IB assessments.  Experienced examiners can become part of the senior examining team responsible for the development of IB assessments 
  • Faculty are asked to recommend undergraduate students to participate in trials of new assessments.

If you, or any member of your institution’s faculty, would like become involved in the review and/or development of DP subjects, please email us