How we work with universities

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) works with the higher education community in a number of meaningful ways.

The organization:

  • assists universities and colleges in developing admissions and recognition policies – so students can gain equitable and competitive offers from universities of their choice.
  • commissions research into the impact of IB programmes on students, schools and communities.
  • engages university faculty members in the review and development of IB programmes and curriculums.
  • improves the understanding and recognition of IB programmes worldwide.
  • coordinates events to build relationships between the IB and higher education, such as the IB World Student Conferences and the yearly IB Higher Education Symposium.

Developing a policy

The IB's recognition team works with educational institutions worldwide to increase the recognition of IB programmes as a route to higher education and university.

Read our guidance on developing a recognition policy. The guidance also sets out how to share your policy with us so that we can make it available to potential students. 

IB Educator and Leadership Certificates

The IB works with universities to provide IB educator certificates, reaching a new generation of educators that share the IB’s values and goals.

We currently work with many leading universities across the world. Find out how to offer IB educator certificates.

IB programme and curriculum reviews

All IB programmes are reviewed on regular basis, and the IB engages subject matter experts from higher education throughout the process. 

If you are a university faculty member and would be interested in sitting on a programme or course review committee, please contact us.

Research within the IB

The IB works closely with university researchers from around the world to conduct studies in the development, quality assurance, and impact assessment of IB programmes and services. 

For more information, please check our requests for proposals

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