WSC 2018: Washington D.C.

From 8 – 14 July, 2018, the International Baccalaureate (IB) and The George Washington University (GWU) will hold a World Student Conference in Washington D.C., USA

At the conference, students will come together and explore the theme “Student Activism and Social Justice in a Global Context."

Students will have the opportunity to explore how we engage in healthy, productive debate and discussion with one another on issues that relate to current events worldwide. They will examine both historic and modern day examples of activism and social justice movements as they hear from experts about how to tackle the question of what effective and meaningful activism entails.



We will offer the following scholarships for the 2018 IB World Student Conferences (IBWSCs):

CAS Connection Scholarship

Available to IB World Schools that sent students to one of the 2017 conferences. Click here to apply. 

IBWSC Newbies Scholarship

Available for IB World Schools that have never sent students to IBWSCs in the past. Click here to apply.

Information for CAS Connection and IBWSC Newbies applicants

Applicants for these scholarships should download the below sample project plans from the 2017 conferences, then follow the instructions in the relevant form to complete the application process.

Project plan:

#AppreciateNotAppropriate [20KB] 

Project plan: Partnering with communities 

for mental health [25KB] 

Project plan: Addressing the angst

of anxiety [25KB]  

Project plan: Project EPOM [116KB] 

Project plan: Breaking boundaries

between ability groups [19KB] 

Project plan: Project Grow [17KB] 

Project plan: Continue the conversation- [14KB] 

Project plan: Project MindfulNest [175KB] 

Project plan: Cultural Community [87KB] 

Project plan: Save the air everywhere [17KB] 

Project plan: Cultural Understanding [18KB] 

Project plan: Student survival 101 [17KB] 

Project plan: Genlink [19KB] 

Project plan: Students of_______ [16KB] 

Project plan: IB the change [15KB] 

Project plan: Unit-E [18KB] 

Project plan: Mission mindful [27KB] 

 Project plan: WOKE [104KB] 

Chris Mannix Scholarship

The Chris Mannix Scholarship was established in Chris’ memory in 2014 to honour his passion and dedication to the IB.

Chris was the founding father of the Career-related Programme, providing the passion that led to its launch in 2012. He was also a driving force behind many developments in IB programmes, including new directions for creativity, activity, service (CAS) and theory of knowledge (TOK) in the Diploma Programme.

In all his work, Chris was driven by his commitment to providing life chances for young people all over the world. His dedication lay especially in providing those opportunities for students in challenging circumstances.

This scholarship is available for all CP students. Click here to apply.

IB Need-Based Scholarship

Available for DP and CP students who could not otherwise attend an IBWSC for financial reasons. Click here to apply.

How can educators get involved?

There are several opportunities for IB educators to take part in this IBWSC. 

Global Action Team Leaders

Global Action Team Leaders play a very significant role at an IBWSC. These are IB educators who volunteer to facilitate a Global Action Team (GAT) of approximately 20 students as they discuss the conference theme and work toward an action plan for a Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project related to that theme.

The conference Programme Director plans each GAT session with intended outcomes, possible discussion questions, knowledge questions, and activities that could be used in each GAT session.

A Global Action Team Leader's duties generally take place during the day. They are responsible for their travel to the conference city, but have no other conference expenses. Please apply by completing the GAT Leader application form

Read about the roles and responsibilities of a GAT Leader [311KB] 


Every IBWSC provides adult chaperones to live in the dorm with their chaperone group of 10-12 gender-specific students.

Chaperones serve as the principal adult contact for the students during the conference. Their role is to monitor the conduct of the students and keep them safe. They are generally responsible for the students from their evening activity until the first plenary the next morning.

Like Global Action Team Leaders, chaperones are responsible for their travel to the conference city but have no other conference expenses. To apply to become an IBWSC chaperone, please complete the chaperone application form.  

Read about the roles and responsibilities of a Chaperone [304KB] 

Student Leaders

The George Washington University is not accepting applications for Student Leader. The only 2018 site that is accepting applications is Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Observers are adults who would like to attend and observe the conference but not take on the role of a conference chaperone or Global Action Team Leader.

These could be teachers or parents who are traveling with a student group attending the conference, or possibly IB educators or university officials who are interested in hosting a future conference.

Observers should, however, have some connection to an IB World School or university. 

The registration fee for each IBWSC varies slightly according to the operating costs at each location and covers ground transportation, conference meals, and programme. It does not include accommodation. The hosting university will provide a list of nearby hotels and it is the responsibility of observers to make their own hotel bookings.


As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we are inviting students across the globe to join our #generationIB event and showcase their collaborative skills and innovative solutions to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Choose from one of five themes and define the challenge you want to find a solution for, build a team, and present your world-changing ideas on social media.