Diploma Programme (DP) webinar

Join us for this webinar to learn about the Diploma Programme and how it can benefit your students and school.

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education, with final examinations, that prepares students aged 16 to 19 for success at university and in life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The programme has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

DP encourages:

  1. breadth and depth of learning
  2. students to become confident and independent learners
  3. international mindset, key for increasingly globalized societies 

What does the webinar cover?

  • What an IB Education is
  • Introduction to the DP and how it works
  • How the DP benefits students and better prepares them for university and life beyond
  • Examples of success stories

Check out the webinar recording below and learn about the benefits and impact the programme has had on students.

Diploma Programme (DP) webinar - 22 November 2017 from International Baccalaureate on Vimeo.


“Not only does the Diploma Programme develop academic excellence, but it allows our students to learn other skills such as critical thinking, interpersonal skills and research skills through the core subjects of Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and Creative, Action and Service.

Richard Markham
Principal, Hockerill Anglo-European College, Bishop Stortford


Meet our speakers

Peter Fidczuk

Dr. Peter Fidczuk

UK Development and Recognition Manager at the IB

Peter Fidczuk is the UK Manager for the International Baccalaureate, and the University Admissions Manager for IBSCA, the network of IB schools and colleges in the UK. In these capacities, Peter supports schools interested in developing IB programme as well as existing IB schools in the UK. In addition, Pete is engaging with UK HEI to support IB Diploma, Diploma Courses and Career-related Programme students worldwide with their applications to UK higher education institutions as well as advising schools, and working on university and government recognition of all IB programmes of study.

Prior to this, Peter was Assistant Head Teacher at Dartford Grammar School where, as Director of International Baccalaureate, he was responsible for ensuring that the 550 IB students succeeded in passing the Diploma and entering HEI. Peter is also an experienced teacher of Chemistry and Theory of Knowledge.

Mary-Jane Martin

Mary-Jane Martin

B.Mus, B.A, M.Ed.Lead

Mary-Jane Martin has been employed by the by the International School of Stuttgart for the past 19 years. She has taught as a music teacher from pre-K-12, was HOD of arts for 8 years before becoming IB coordinator, Assistant Principal and, since 2009-10, Upper School Principal.

In the Upper School years, it is essential that each child discover his/her ‘element’. This discovery then guides the subject and program choice process in the diploma years. Mary-Jane’s philosophy of education therefore centres on educating the whole child as an individual.