Requests for proposals

International Baccalaureate® (IB) Global Research commissions education experts, from universities and research institutions around the world, to undertake high quality studies that explore a range of topics.

If you'd like to undertake such a study, please check the request for proposal (RFP) documents outlined in the next section. They outline the key questions the IB aims to address with each study, offer relevant contextual information, and give details of a project’s estimated budget and timeline.

When reviewing proposal submissions, an IB review committee takes into account:

  • methodological rigour
  • the extent to which a proposal addresses the aims and intentions of a planned study
  • the qualifications of aspiring vendors
  • cost effectiveness.

Current RFPs

If you apply, you'll be notified of the IB’s decision within one month.

Successful vendors undertake research independently, but also work collaboratively with the IB Research department in the development of instruments, selecting and accessing IB World Schools, and ensuring study progress.

There are currently no open RFPs.

Completing the report

Vendors are required to submit an interim report, and provide regular updates, regarding study findings. This is indicated in each RFP.

Providing a final draft

Once a penultimate draft of a study's final report is available, vendors must send it to IB Research for review.

The penultimate draft should address the research questions, methods, findings, and implications/recommendations.

Providing the final report

A final report, written in clear, accessible language, is required of vendors at the completion of the project.

We expect that final reports be of publishable quality. IB research reports have a global audience including heads of schools and teachers at IB World Schools, educational researchers, IB staff, and undergraduate and postgraduate students at universities worldwide. 

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email IB Research