MYP Building Quality Curriculum

MYP Building Quality Curriculum (MYP BQC) provides guidance and feedback on MYP unit plans, supporting continuous improvement of written, taught and assessed curriculum.

This service provides feedback by expert curriculum reviewers, based on foundational programme documents: Evaluating MYP unit plans (2016) and Evaluating MYP interdisciplinary unit plans (2016).

As a requirement prior to programme evaluation

From 2018 onward, MYP schools may fulfil their programme evaluation requirement by choosing one of the following options:

  1. Registering candidates for the MYP certificate through MYP eAssessment
  2. Participation in MYP Building Quality Curriculum
  3. As an optional service

As an optional service

MYP BQC is also available as an optional service to support teaching, learning and ongoing school improvement any time, as needs arise. Between evaluations, schools may register for any session, for any subject group(s), in any year of the programme. Fees, session schedules and dates remain the same as for the required service.

Important note: Participation in MYP BQC is required for schools that do not register at least one student for eAssessment who is a candidate for the IB MYP certificate.

Participation in MYP BQC

Participation involves submission of two unit plans from each subject group taught in your programme along with two interdisciplinary unit plans. Typically, schools submit 18 unit plans for review.

Additional requirements:

  • At least one unit plan from each year of the MYP taught in your programme must be submitted for review.
  • Schools must submit unit plans previously taught in your school. Submitted plans must have gone through all elements of the unit planning process, including the reflection section.
  • Schools must submit self-evaluation for each unit plan, using the summary section of Evaluating MYP unit plans (2016), or Evaluating MYP interdisciplinary unit plans (2016).

Select a session

Three sessions of MYP BQC are offered each year.

                                          Registration deadline Receive access to the service  Submit unit plans and self-evaluation Receive your feedback report Your clarification period concludes
Session 1 5 Dec 5 Jan 15 Feb 15 Apr 15 May
Session 2 5 April 5 May 25 Jun 25 Aug 25 Sept
Session 3 5 Aug 5 Sept 25 Oct 5 Jan 5 Feb
The register button below will take you to IBIS. Upon successful login, click the Workshop Registration link and scroll down the list of workshops until you find MYP Building Quality Curriculum near the bottom. Please note that only Coordinators can register for the BQC.



Please select a session that allows you adequate time to analyse and incorporate your feedback into your school's action plan prior to submission of your self-study.

Important note: Reports received from MYP BQC are valid documentation within 24 months of your self-study submission.

Registration and fees

Register for MYP BQC on IBIS. If you have questions about how to proceed, please contact us. After you register, you will receive detailed instructions about the submissions process.

  • 2018 registration fees: USD $252 per subject, i.e. two unit plans
  • Full submission: USD $2,271, includes submission of two unit plans per each of eight subject groups, plus two interdisciplinary units; 18 submissions in total