MYP Building Quality Curriculum

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MYP Building Quality Curriculum (MYP BQC) provides guidance and feedback on MYP unit plans, supporting continuous improvement of written, taught and assessed curriculum.

This service provides feedback by expert curriculum reviewers, based on foundational programme documents: Evaluating MYP unit plans and Evaluating MYP interdisciplinary unit plans.

BQC Update 

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) unit planning process is being reviewed as part of the Enhancing the MYP project. New guidance will be developed and introduced in the coming months. In anticipation of the new guidance, the existing MYP Building Quality Curriculum (BQC) service will be offered as an optional service in 2023. The June 5 2023 registration cohort will be the last opportunity to register for the service. 

Participation in the MYP BQC service

MYP BQC is available as an optional service to support teaching, learning and ongoing school improvement.  

Schools can submit units from as many or as few subject groups as they wish up to a maximum of 18 unit plans and there is no requirement to submit units from each year of the programme.  Please note that registration fees are charged per two unit plans and this cannot be changed, it is therefore recommended that schools submit an even number of unit plans. 

Participation in MYP BQC prior to programme evaluation

Schools have options to document the unit planning process and assessment practice for the preliminary review during programme evaluation. Schools that choose to participate in BQC to satisfy evaluation requirements submit two unit plans from each subject group taught in your programme along with two interdisciplinary unit plans. Typically, schools submit 18 unit plans for review. In addition, at least one-unit plan from each year of the MYP taught in your programme must be submitted for review.  

General requirements for participation in MYP BQC

These requirements apply to all schools submitting units for BQC review: 

  • Schools should submit unit plans previously taught in the school, so that all elements of the plan have been completed, including the reflection section. However, when a new guide has recently been published, schools may submit unit plans developed according to the new guide even if the unit has not yet been taught.
  • Schools must submit self-evaluations for each unit plan, using the summary section of Evaluating MYP unit plans or Evaluating MYP interdisciplinary unit plans.
  • For the purposes of BQC review, schools are requested to submit interdisciplinary units with only two participating subjects. If the unit was created with more than two subjects, BQC reviewers will focus on the two subjects that contribute most to the unit, or the two subjects identified by the school.
  • Interdisciplinary units can now integrate disciplines from the same subject group.
  • All units must be written in English, French or Spanish. Currently, the BQC service does not support additional languages. For reviewer purposes, the entire unit must be written in one language.

Select a session

Three sessions of MYP BQC are offered each year.

    Session                      Registration opens Registration closes Schools may begin submitting unit plans and self-evaluations Deadline to submit unit plans and self- evaluations  Schools receive feedback reports Clarification period concludes Self-study submission deadline
Session 2 5 Feb 5 Apr 5 May 25 Jun 25 Aug 25 Sep On or after 1 October
Session 3 5 Jun 5 Aug 5 Sep 25 Oct 5 Jan 5 Feb On or after 1 March

Schools will receive an email with further instructions once registration closes.

BQC unit plans and self-evaluations will be submitted online by the MYP Coordinator via MySchool. The BQC tab will be activated according to the timelines specified above under the “Schools may begin submitting unit plans and self-evaluations”. 

If using the service for programme evaluation, please select a session that allows you adequate time to receive your feedback prior to submission of your preliminary review documentation. 

If you have questions or if you need to cancel or make any amendments to your registration, please contact us. 

Registering for the service

Click the register button below to sign-up for a session. Sessions close when capacity of 90 schools is reached. 


Important note: Reports are sent via email to the MYP Coordinator. Reports received from MYP BQC are valid documentation within 24 months of your self-study submission.

Registration and fees

If you have questions about how to proceed, please contact us. After you register, you will receive detailed instructions about the submissions process.

  • Registration fees: USD $252 per two-unit plans
  • Full submission: USD $2,268, includes submission of two unit plans per each of eight subject groups, plus two interdisciplinary units; 18 submissions in total

If you have any questions regarding an invoice or payment process, please contact our Finance department.

Note about the service

BQC is a service to support teaching and learning in MYP schools. BQC reviewers provide schools with feedback on their written curriculum and provide general recommendations. BQC feedback reports will share guidance for further development of the unit planning process but will not provide specific examples or exemplars.

Please visit the Programme resource centre for examples of unit plans and guidance on the unit planning process. The Programme resource centre is also where you will find videos to support the unit planning process and example unit plans within each subject group’s Teacher support materials section.