Sharing MYP students' work via our IB network

Celebrate the power of learning – showcase your MYP projects online using #MYPX2020!

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) will host a new community event of student learning through our IB network which can be enjoyed by everyone. Schools are invited to share their MYP community projects and MYP personal projects digitally on our IB website to showcase creativity. Compile your community projects and/or personal projects into a clip or compilation and tag it with #MYPX2020 to share your work!

How will your work be shared?

  • By adding a location tag to your posts with #MYPX2020 on Instagram or Twitter.
  • By adding a location tag on Twitter, we will create a map of the collaboration of projects taking place live around the world.
  • To make sure all of your social media posts are displayed and streamlined, we will be displaying your content on our dedicated #MYPX2020 page.
  • We will be collecting schools MYP projects internationally and displaying content between 114 June 2020.
  • You decide what you post, with the option to remove it at any time.


#MYPX2020 highlights coming soon


You can share all of your creative work, including compilation of images, photos, charts, diagrams, videos or sound clips.

Twitter and Instagram work best for sharing content and it is fairly easy to use. When uploading your content to these platforms, you can upload a post by adding the media, a title and an external link if you have one. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MYPX2020 to be able to share your work through our IB network!

You can add or remove content whenever, although it can only be collected and shared by us during the two-week period, 114 June 2020.

Some examples of content to share, guide and encourage your audience can be the global context, the product, student reflections, your school’s name and location. You could also include provocations for your audience.

You can use any language you wish.

Please share only original work; we cannot share anything that has been licensed or copyrighted by a 3rd party.


For more information, please read our terms and conditions.