Preparing for eAssessment

In each assessment session, the chosen global context informs all MYP on-screen examinations and ePortfolio tasks. Six months before the examination session the global context is announced to allow teachers to incorporate this context into their final unit of study.

The global context is the focus for the interdisciplinary learning on-screen examination. To facilitate a deep analysis of the global context, and to provide a focus for the interdisciplinary learning on-screen examination, pre-release material will be published on the OCC six weeks before the examinations.

The pre-release material comprises carefully selected multimedia stimuli and/or case studies. Through the pre-release material, students can engage with the global context and prepare for the examinations by making connections with what they have studied in MYP subject groups and their own individual learning.  

Preparation for using the technology is facilitated with the purpose built familiarisation activity. This allows students to practice using the various tools, pallets and canvass types that are found in the examination. This activity is designed to help students learn how to use the system in an intuitive, natural way but without the extra cognitive burden of academic demand so students can learn to express themselves without difficulty in the examination.

Once familiarised with the electronic environment, a full range of specimen examinations are also available on the OCC which allows students to familiarise themselves with both the academic and technical aspects of each of examination. These can also be used alongside the examination blueprint and other information presented in the MYP Guide to eAssessment to help teachers plan MYP5 so that students are ready for eAssessment.

What equipment do schools need?

Internet access is required to download the tasks before each examination and to upload students’ responses after the examination.

Every candidate will need:

  • a  reliable laptop or desktop computer, a keyboard and a mouse with a scroll wheel
  • headphones.

If a student uses a laptop, it must have a reliable power source that will last for at least two hours.

Testing the materials

A month prior to the examination, schools will receive the administration console and a package to test the process of uploading candidate response files.

Other resources to conduct the on-screen examinations include an:

  • invigilation guide
  • IT guide with instructions on how to set up the testing area

An MYP school support coordinator is available to support schools with eAssessment queries.