Additional subjects

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With approval from the IB, schools may also offer the following types of courses.

School-based syllabuses

A school-based syllabus is designed by the school according to its own needs and teaching resources. This option may be studied at standard level only and may replace a subject from groups 3 to 6.

Further information on school-based syllabuses can be obtained from the Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme.

Interdisciplinary subjects

Environmental systems and societies 

From September 2008 schools began teaching (for first examinations in 2010) environmental systems and societies as a standard level interdisciplinary course. This will enable students to satisfy the requirements of two groups (group 3 and group 4) while studying one course. Students then select another course to complete the requirement of six.

Literature and performance

Literature and performance is an interdisciplinary pilot subject allowing students to combine literary analysis with the investigation of the role of performance in our understanding of dramatic literature.

Students have the opportunity to undertake their own performance work which is assessed. Central to the course is the idea of transformation where a literary text is transformed to a performance piece. The close examination and analysis of the details of the text this requires contributes to the academic rigour of the course.

  • DP subject briefs

    Our course selection guidance contains subject briefs for both standard and higher level, including information about core requirements, aims and assessment.