Supporting CP teaching and learning during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

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We understand that remote teaching and learning may look and feel very different around the world. In an effort to support our IB community as best as we can during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we have put together some resources and templates to help guide you through remote teaching and learning with our CP students.

We understand that remote learning during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic can be both psychologically and practically difficult. Adapting to this new routine is not the same for everyone and we are aware that processing these changes to daily life can be challenging, especially for learners aged 16–19 who are adapting to the social and educational changes. We would like to offer support and reassurance that the IB is listening and responding to each individual need. Whilst the usual school year may feel interrupted, the IB and the Career-related Programme (CP) team are here to support you in any way we can.

For students

The IB is fully aware that students may be worried about friends or family in affected areas around the world during this time of uncertainty.

Practicing kindness, mindfulness and personal flexibility are all strategies that can help this period of learning. The Personal and Professional Skills course is full of suggestions that can be adapted and shared as remote learning activities.

With a wide range of digital tools and services to help students continue their studies remotely, we encourage students to communicate personal challenges with the school. The IB Answers team is always here to answer questions to support our schools, educators, students and parents.

For schools and educators

We ask that you consider the needs of your community, teachers, students and parents/caregivers when creating online learning strategies with the IB online learning guide.

Continuity of learning

For those schools who are modifying their regular CP curricular and extracurricular offering, below are some suggestions to maintain a continuity of learning.

Adapting to remote learning

Even schools with great preparation may also struggle with the unexpected challenges of remote learning. Safety, wellbeing and connectivity are at the highest priorities. Developing a strategy for supporting remote learners is an iterative process in which resources, partners and creativity can be leveraged in many ways.

Shanghai American School has kindly shared their online learning plan which covers their teaching strategies, communication techniques, devices, solutions, and policies supporting online or blended learning for their school community. A fundamental rule is to keep the plan as simple as possible, whist providing teachers and guardians with as much clarity to remote learning expectations.

Staying up to date

The IB reports all COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates on our online network with an easy access FAQ page. In addition, the CP team has created an Additional guidance document for the May 2020 exam session with regular updates on advice and clarification about the IB’s requirements and processes.

Keeping connected

In result of the health and safety measures put in place to protect individuals against the on-going COVID-19 (coronavirus), many large events have been cancelled, and public venues such as  museums, cinemas, concert halls and zoos have been closed. However, our schools’ desire to maintain authentic learning experiences still remains the same. Below are a few suggestions for virtual exploration that can support the language development, service learning and personal and professional skills components of the CP core.

  • The Spanish Experiment has a collection of stories that were translated from English into Spanish by Spanish-speaking people as a learning tool for both languages.
  • A growing number of museums around the world are enhancing their virtual tours. Also engaging with nature can continue with the support of organizations that have live webcams.
  • Helpfully non-profit groups, like Aperture Education, have free access social and emotional learning resources and training. Universities are also challenging their resources into Coronavirus anxiety support.

Reflective projects

We understand that the CP reflective project may look very different for many schools this year. We remind you that the process and final product contribute to student’s final grades. Most of the project can be completed online with guidance and feedback from the reflective project coordinator or supervisor remotely.  If you are part of an IB World school faculty and require further support, please contact [email protected]

For parents and caregivers

As this may be an introduction of the Career-related Programme to parents and caregivers, they may require a more detailed explanation of the programme. Full details about CP requirements can be accessed on our Information for parents page of the IB website. For some inspiration, we also encourage you to read through Education is the spark, where both CP and DP graduates reflect on the burning issues within international education. It is a timely reminder of how an IB education empowers young people with the skills, values and knowledge to contribute to better, more peaceful world.

Sharing the learning

Finally, we would like to acknowledge and congratulate the remarkable work of CP educators around the world who have provided large amounts of support. Through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources, you have truly embodied the spirit of the global CP community. Thank you.

If you would like to share your own experiences, learnings, challenges or successes, please share them on our IB network; you may also consider writing a blog piece.

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