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1.   Which workshop category should I consider?  

International Baccalaureate® (IB) has three workshop categories, please see categories below.  

Category 1 focuses on IB philosophy and implementation. It is best suited to new IB teachers or new faculty members who wish to gain fundamental knowledge and be better prepared before teaching or administering IB courses.  

Category 2  focuses on delivery of the four IB programmes of education. The workshops will further develop educators’ expertise in delivering an IB programme, make connections between programme frameworks and classroom practice. They also focus on increasing understanding of assessment in IB programmes, discussing and analyzing standards and practices.  

Please note materials for Categories 1 and Category 2 are both of high quality as they adhere to exactly the same standard.  

Requirements for Category 2 DP workshops: 

For Diploma Programme (DP) subject teachers who have prepared students for at least one DP exam session in that specific subject, educators should enroll in a category 2 workshop in their particular subject area (for more information see here)  

Category 3 is best suited to more experienced educators who wish to build on and enhance their professional development portfolios. Educators explore different areas in greater detail and strengthen their understanding and mastery of a particular subject.  

Note: teachers and other school leaders who do not teach in an IB school but wish to sample IB learning may choose to participate in Category 3 workshops.  


2.   I registered for a workshop but wish to cancel it. Can I get a refund?  

Yes, you receive a full refund of any registration fee paid if you cancelled at least 22 days before the first day of the workshop. Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment. If paid by invoice, the refund will be credited to your school account, which can be used toward other IB invoices. Credit card payments will be refunded to the card used at registration. Please note there may be a delay with receiving your refund, depending on your local bank.  

If you cancel your registration after the 22-day deadline but wish to request a refund, you can email [email protected]. We may process your refund if you are unable to attend due unforeseen reasons such as the death of a close relative, or serious illness.  


3.   Can I pay by credit card after registration?  

Yes, you may do so by logging in the correct workshop registration page using your registered email address and confirmation number. After logging in, go to Submit payment > choose Credit Card - Enter your information in the section below then fill in the details to pay online.  


4.   Can I defer the workshop I registered for?  

Unfortunately, it is not possible to defer a workshop . It is possible to cancel your workshop if it is before the registration cancellation deadline (22 days prior to the first day of the workshop). You can then register again for the later workshop via the IB website.  


5.   Can I change workshops?  

It is not possible to change to another workshop once the registration cancellation deadline (22 days prior to the start of the workshop) has passed.  please check that you registered for the correct title and category in advance.  

You may cancel your registration before the registration cancellation deadline (22 days). You will then need to re-register for the correct workshop here.  

Once the registration cancellation deadline has passed, you can make no further changes to your registration.  


6.   How do I get a refund for a workshop when it has been cancelled by the IB?  

The IB reserves the right to cancel a workshop due to low enrolment or unforeseen circumstances. When a workshop is cancelled by the IB an automatic refund is processed through same payment method registrations were made.  

If paid by credit card, the time of processing will depend on the payee’s bank.  

If paid by invoice, please check with [email protected] for questions about your refund.  

The refund will be processed as soon as the workshop is cancelled. 


7.   Can I assign someone to take my place for a workshop I am registered in? 

You can do that via our Cvent website–the same platform you used to register for the workshop. Please log in using the same email address you used to register, and the confirmation number. Once logged in, go to More Options > Substitute Registrant.   

For in-school online workshops, simply log in, and go to Substitute Registration tab.   

Please note that substitutions can only be done before registration closes.  


8.   When do I receive my login details?  

You will receive an e-mail with the login details to our learning platform at least a week before the workshop begins. You will be able to then access the resources and start to engage with other participants as well as your facilitator. (Please make sure you check the email address used for your registration, including your spam folder.)  


9.   What are my log in details?  

Your username is the e-mail address you registered for the workshop with and  you will receive the password by e-mail at least a week before the beginning of your workshop. (Please check the email address which was used for your Cvent registration and your spam folder.) Note: You will have to change your password the first time you enter the platform.  

If you still haven’t received your login details, please contact [email protected]


10.   How do I get log in details for MyIB?  

The online workshops are accessed via onlinepl.ibo.org rather than the MyIB platform, and so the log in details for both platforms are different.  

The accounts for onlinepl.ibo.org have already been created. If you have forgotten your password for my onlinepl.org , please follow this link. (This instruction is not relevant for the MyIB platform log in.)  

For MyIB accounts, it is the responsibility of each school to create them. This is not arranged by the Online PD Team.  

Please note: MyIB accounts are only available for registrants who are affiliated with an IB School. The facilitator will provide non-IB registrants with any relevant documents for their specific online workshop.


11.   When do I need to log in to the platform? 

You must log in to the platform within 4 days of receiving login details. Please note, you will only have access to the workshop home page until the day teaching starts. You will also be required to log in to the workshop within three days of it starting. Please check the email address which was used for your Cvent registration and your spam folder for your login details.  

If this doesn’t work, please contact [email protected].  


12.   How do I find/change my password?  

You will receive an email with your login details from [email protected].  

Instructions are contained within the email as follows:  

  • To change your password, go to the login page.  
  • Your user-name is the email address used for your Cvent registration.  
  • Enter the password given to you in the email from [email protected].  
  • The first time you log in to the system, it will prompt you to change your password.  

If this doesn’t work, please contact [email protected].  


13.   What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

  • Go to the login page.  
  • Your username is the email address used for your Cvent registration.  
  • Click on the forgotten password link to reset your password.  

If this doesn’t work, please contact [email protected].  


14.   How do I/when can I access my workshop? 

The homepage of your workshop will be available when you receive your login details (at least a week before teaching starts). You will have  access to the full workshop from the day teaching starts. You must access the platform within the first 3 days of the start day.  


15.   How do I access the online learner’s toolkit? 

You will receive an email containing your login details for the online learning platform at least a week before the workshop starts.  

Please use the following link to access the online learner’s toolkit.  

The online learner’s toolkit will be available before the workshop starts, so please take the time to explore this resource to familiarise yourself with the platform.  


16.   What is the deadline for logging into the online learner’s toolkit?  

You must log in to the online learner’s toolkit within 4 days of receiving your login details.  


17.   What are the completion requirements?  

Please refer to the completion requirements

If you do not meet the completion requirements, you will not receive a certificate, so please read the above requirements carefully.  

Please note: online workshops are as demanding as face-to-face ones and have strict completion requirements – schools are strongly advised to arrange release time for teachers in online workshops . 


18.   What is the format of the online workshop?  

Participants will be expected to dedicate four hours per module to complete the workshop requirements and earn a certificate.  

Note: Participants of introductory workshops will only be expected to dedicate approximately six hours to Module 1, which encompasses an introductory workshop in its entirety.  

Participants will need to be actively engaged in the workshop to meet the completion requirements.  

Workshops are mostly asynchronous, but are not self-paced, and will follow the general format of:  

  • WEEK 1: Module 1  
  • WEEK 2: Module 2  
  • WEEK 3: Module 3  
  • WEEK 4: Module 4 and Conclusion  

Each workshop is facilitated by at least one online facilitator, whose role is to support the participants’ learning in the workshop. Once teaching has started, they are the point of contact for questions about the workshop and can be contacted via email or via the online workshop site.  


19.   Who do I report to if I am ill and unable to attend?  

Please contact your Online Facilitator in the first instance, as they may be able to offer you an extension if are unable to attend only for one or two days.  

If you are ill and you are not able to attend the workshop for the whole session, please contact [email protected], and provide medical evidence so that your circumstances can be considered. We cannot guarantee a refund will be granted.  


20.   How long are my workshop resources available after it has finished?  

Your workshop resources will be available for 6 months after the workshop has ended.  


21.   How can I access my completion certificate?  

Your facilitator will send you an email to confirm  if you have successfully completed the workshop within one week after the workshop ends.  

If you successfully completed the workshop, you will receive an email with a link to your certificate approximately three weeks after the workshop ends.  

You can also access the certificate (three weeks after the workshop ends) by logging in to the Cvent registration page.  


22.   I didn’t receive the link to my completion certificate  

If your facilitator has confirmed that you have successfully completed your workshop:  

  • Check which email address you registered.  
  • You can access the certificate by logging in to the Cvent registration page link.  

If you have followed these steps and your certificate is not available, please contact [email protected] so that this can be investigated.  


23.  Can a school request that the IB withhold a certificate from a participant?

The IB sends certificates directly to participants and their coordinators upon successful completion of Professional Development workshop(s). Schools have access to their participants’ certificates in the registration system. The IB will not withhold certificates from participants at the request of schools and/or coordinators.

Please note, that in order for the school to receive a copy of the certificate, their email address must be included as the cc address at the time of the participant's registration.


24.   Can I access my certificates from past workshops?  

To access certificates from previous events or to update your contact profile information, please register with IB PD History by completing the following steps:  

  • Go to the IB PD History and sign-up using your first name, last name, and the email address associated to your registrations. Register here.
  • Create a password to log into your account and follow the emailed instructions.  
  • After logging in, you will receive access to your regional, online and conference registrations and be able to download your certificates.  


25.   I can’t access/find the resources my online facilitator is referring me to (possible non-IB school participant issues)  

Please contact your online facilitator.  


26.   Can I download the materials from my workshop?  

It’s possible to download the support materials, but not the actual workshop. Please be sure to save your own work on your local computer in case you want to keep it for longer than 6 months.