Developing the MYP

Teaching staff at candidate Middle Years Programme (MYP) schools must attend this workshop. This includes specialists, librarians and part-time teachers.

Learning outcomes

This mandatory in-school workshop provides all staff at MYP schools with a consistent knowledge base, enabling a concise and coherent starting point for implementing the MYP.

If you are unsure if you need this workshop, please get in touch with your appointed IB representative or consultant.

Workshop overview

  • This online workshop ‘Developing the MYP’ consists of 6 hours of content which you can complete over a designated one-week period at your own pace.
  • All participants receive online workshop login details one week before the workshop. Participants are encouraged to log into the online workshop before the start date and explore the Online Learner’s Toolkit – which provides an overview of how online courses function. However, participants cannot access the content before the workshop start date.
  • A maximum of 50 participants can register for a single workshop. If your school needs to register more than 50 participants, multiple online workshops will be delivered, and participants will be registered across them.
  • For schools that have multiple teachers teaching the same course, it is recommended that participants be assigned to grade level or subject group teams and spend one hour per day on average engaging in four learning experiences. The assigned Online Facilitator will send the MYP Coordinator an email of introduction approximately two weeks prior to the workshop start date to discuss the creation of “team threads”, if necessary.

Workshop facilitation

  • All online workshops are delivered by an assigned Online Facilitator (OLF) who will provide participants with guidance on how to complete various learning engagements throughout the duration of the workshop.
  • A Lead Facilitator (LF) will also be monitoring the workshop. LFs oversee the online facilitators, offering extra support and leadership throughout the course, although they do not interact directly with workshop participants.
  • All online workshops begin on the first Wednesday of every month. Start and completion dates are fixed and cannot be customized.

Completion requirements

Schools should engage their entire school community to collaboratively develop an initial MYP action plan, which should begin during this introductory online workshop. Since the implementation of the MYP and what it means for your school community is unique, Heads of School and Programme Coordinators play an important role in setting expectations around meaningful participation at this initial stage of the schools’ MYP journey.

Additionally, all participants are requested to submit their reflections to their online facilitators towards the end of the workshop

How to prepare your school for the OBR workshop

The school should have a nominated MYP coordinator prior to the delivery of this workshop. They must be registered for the workshop and work closely with the OLF in the delivery. If you need more information about the role of the MYP Coordinator, please contact your assigned Authorisation Manager or Consultant.