Presenter biographies

Each webinar has a dedicated presenter.

Sue Bastian Sue Bastian has served the IB as teacher, workshop leader, examiner, textbook author and Chief Assessor of Theory of Knowledge in the Philippines and at the UN School in New York City. She has just completed a review and revision of the TOK Lessons From Around the World and now is concentrating on teaching others how to design lessons for their classroom.
Gabriela Gonzalez Gabriela Gonzalez is a Uruguayan sociologist and Humanities teacher with a doctorate in sociology. She is currently the Approaches to Learning leader at Saint Brendan´s School in Montevideo, Uruguay. She has experience in the PYP and DP and is an IB workshop leader and school consultant. Gabriela has also contributed to the revision of the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and learning guides in the context of the Next Chapter project.
Richard Hood Richard Hood, passionate facilitator of adult and student learning, has a special interest in shaping administrator and teacher commitment into intentional practices of learning and teaching. He has authored and led workshops for Literature, Language and literature and Approaches to teaching and learning in South Africa, USA, Turkey, Ireland, Thailand, Sweden and Mongolia. He is also an IB examiner, IB team leader and member of the Standardization and Grade Award Teams for Language and Literature HL Paper 2.
James Monk Dr James Monk is a Senior Manager at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Previously, James was the Head of DP and CP Development and Head of Curriculum for DP Languages in the IB Global Centre, The Hague, during the curriculum review of DP language acquisition. Before joining the IB, James taught language acquisition courses for 15 years at secondary and undergraduate levels. Currently, in addition to supervising the training and marking reliability of examiners of ACTFL assessments, he leads workshops in schools across the United States on curriculum and assessment design for language proficiency.
Lisa Nicholson Lisa Nicholson is from Santa Cruz, California and has worked with the MYP as a teacher of history, coordinator, administrator, trainer and workshop developer. She is passionate about kids, a believer in creating challenging inquiry environments that stimulate learning and thinks that being a teacher is the best profession on earth. Currently she is working as the lead facilitator for HOS/IBC teacher support material development and has contributed to many MYP workshops.
Elizabeth Szylejko Elizabeth Szylejko is a Latin teacher at Central High School in Philadelphia (Grades 9-12) and a member of the 2017-2018 Classical Languages Curriculum Review Team. Elizabeth has been teaching four levels of Latin from the foundation year to the IB Latin diploma course for 8 years. In addition to Second Language Acquisition, her research interests include Roman archaeology and amphorology.