Request a workshop for a group of schools

The IB can provide professional development for groups of schools in your area.

Benefits of workshops for groups of schools

Workshops are designed to fit the professional development needs of districts or groups of schools, providing collaborative and networking opportunities for educators as well as saving costs on individual school workshops.

All workshops are recognized for school authorization and evaluation purposes.

Booking a workshop

You can request a cluster/district workshop at any time in the Americas region by providing 14 weeks notice. Click here to learn more.

In Africa, Europe, Middle East we offer cluster events to train on request educators, on a specific IB programme, at a host school’s premises. Cluster events can help bridge AEM region’s PD offering with specific school needs.

A host school with participating schools (min. 2 schools required), can engage in a partnership with the IB in delivering cluster workshops. 

More details are available in our cluster event application guide [228 KB] PDF . You can make a request online.