Vision for IB leaders

IB leaders are adaptive, globally and locally engaged and inspire commitment to create a better world through education by leadership grounded in professional inquiry.

Effective leaders:

  • Acknowledge and respond to the complex and interdependent nature of the environments in which they are required to demonstrate leadership   
  • Understand how effective school leadership practices are in part determined by the diverse range of economic, political, organizational, cultural and pedagogical factors that impact directly or indirectly on school communities and, ultimately, student learning
  • Recognise the need to respond to complexity, interdependency and uncertainty through a commitment to institutional and professional learning and inquiry
  • As committed learners, are willing to challenge previously held assumptions and build individual and institutional knowledge and understanding
  • Model and support professional inquiry throughout the school community
  • Are reflective and strategic, capable of leading people with varied values, beliefs and expectations in order to build communities of learners motivated to create a better world through education.