This workshop empowered me in so many ways: on a personal level, but also how I can actually improve everything we do at school by empowering the people who work with me.

Esme de Jager - Principal, Westwood International School, Botswana

Leadership workshop series

If you're ready to seize your passion for education and explore a new career path in international education leadership, start investigating what it means to lead in an IB context through these workshops designed specifically for aspiring leaders.

About IB leadership workshops

This innovative series of research-driven workshops provides hands-on scenario-based learning, whether you are a new leader, an established leader or an emerging leader. Gain deep understanding of effective leadership through demonstrations, guided interpretation of research findings and real-life examples led by highly experienced, knowledgeable IB educators.

Areas these workshops focus on

The core workshops

Understanding leadership

Learn to recognize and critique assumptions that shape your own style, definition and understanding of leadership. With your peers, share experiences and strengthen your own leadership platform. Gain insight into opportunities and challenges that cultural context can create.

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Leading with a clear vision and strategy

Weigh the strength and value of effective vision and mission statements. Learn how to develop a strategic plan for any situation. 

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Leading through an understanding of culture and context

Participate in guided exploration of leadership issues in an array of IB contexts. Turn cultural challenges into strong engagement with diverse communities. 

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Leading for effective teaching and learning

Explore theories of learning and instructional design principles that underpin IB programmes. Use newfound knowledge and understanding to create a culture of inquiry in your own school. 

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Other leadership workshops

Building partnerships with parents

Explore the notion of community and partnership and the responsibilities that schools, their leaders, and parents have in creating and sustaining effective relationships. Follow numerous lines of inquiry to understand the role you play in fostering positive relationships with parents.

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Leading through an understanding of finance and accounting

Examine the role of finance and accounting in your school context. Learn how financial projections and analysis can be linked to a broader narrative that supports your school’s mission.

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Well-being and student leadership

Gain an understanding of the different forms of well-being and reflect on a whole-school approach to well-being in your context. Increase your knowledge of personal, social, and physical education; awareness of bullying and cyberbullying; and how to work with the entire school community to support well-being.

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For executive leaders and experienced heads of school

Cultivating learning-focused IB World Schools

In this workshop, you will apply a number of leadership capabilities to build learning focused IB World Schools. You will do this through engaging in snapshots of practice in a range of contexts and applying these to your own. You will explore the challenges of leading IB World Schools and preparing students to live in the 21st century. In addition, you will refine your capacity to play the leading role in guiding a school through IB Authorization and beyond; develop appreciation for the IB mission statement, philosophy and pedagogy; and determine what success can and does mean for your school and its stakeholders.

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Governance: Introduction to the IB for school owners and board members

This workshop introduces the philosophy of the IB to owners and members of governing boards. It focuses on standards A (philosophy) and B (leadership and resources) to assist you in understanding your responsibility and contribution to the successful implementation of IB programmes. You will have an overview of the processes of authorization and evaluation and an opportunity to look at your school through the eyes of an IB visitor.

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Leading an effective professional learning community

Investigate approaches to development of professional learning communities that support IB programme implementation. Use what you learn to evoke greater inquiry, collaborative learning and critical thinking from your staff.

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What past participants are saying

Vidya Jaisaree

Vidya Jaisaree, Principal, Early Years and PYP, Sekolah Ciputra, Indonesia

“After 30 years in education, I thought I didn’t have more to learn about leadership, but I learned so much! The exercises conducted were of a higher level and stimulated deep thinking and reflection. As a new PYP head, I am eager to share this leadership learning experience with my coordinators and lead teachers.”


More resources 

Darlene Fisher

Evolving leadership in schools with Darlene Fisher (one hour session)

Darlene Fisher, ECIS Director of Educational Programs and former Director of Enka Schools in Istanbul, discusses teacher development and leadership training as a prelude to attending Understanding Leadership. 

Listen to a webinar with Darlene Fisher on what leadership behaviours work – where and why!

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Leadership blog from IB workshop developer Sue Richards

Review the leadership blog from IB workshop developer Sue Richards. Past participants are invited to leave a message on the blog to further illuminate the Leadership workshop experience. Prospective participants may ask a question of Sue to learn more.

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