2020 Online June PYP

IB online professional development is pleased to offer the following workshops.


Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Cómo hacer realidad el PEP en la primera infancia: puesta en práctica de la agencia PYP Spanish Cat 1
Cómo hacer realidad el PEP: puesta en práctica de la agencia PYP Spanish Cat 1
Diriger l’apprentissage dans les établissements scolaires proposant le PP PYP French Cat 1
Faire une réalité du Programme la petite enfance : mise en œuvre de l’agentivité PYP French Cat 1
Faire une réalité du Programme primaire : mise en œuvre de l’agentivité PYP French Cat 1
Leading early years in PYP schools PYP English Cat 1
Leading the learning in PYP schools PYP English Cat 1
Leading the learning in PYP schools PYP English Cat 1
Liderazgo del aprendizaje en los colegios que imparten el PEP PYP Spanish Cat 1
Making the PYP happen in the early years: Implementing agency PYP English Cat 1
Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency PYP English Cat 1
Alumnos que aprenden mediante conceptos PYP Spanish Cat 2
Creación de espacios para el aprendizaje PYP Spanish Cat 2
Créer des espaces propices à l’apprentissage PYP French Cat 2
Démontrer l’apprentissage PYP French Cat 2
Demostración del aprendizaje PYP Spanish Cat 2
Des chercheurs locaux et mondiaux PYP French Cat 2
Engaging collaborative communities PYP English Cat 2
Evidencing learning PYP English Cat 2
Faire collaborer les membres de la communauté PYP French Cat 2
Fomento de comunidades colaborativas PYP Spanish Cat 2
Indagadores locales y globales PYP Spanish Cat 2
Local and global inquirers PYP Spanish Cat 2
Making space for learning PYP English Cat 2
Su exposición PYP English Cat 2
Utilisation des concepts par les apprenants PYP French Cat 2
Votre exposition PYP French Cat 2
Your exhibition PYP English Cat 2
Alfabetización, matemáticas y aprendizaje simbólico en la primera infancia PYP Spanish Cat 3
Concevoir votre programme d'études PYP French Cat 3
Construir para el futuro PYP Spanish Cat 3
Construire l’avenir PYP French Cat 3
Diseñe su propio currículo PYP Spanish Cat 3
Le rôle des mathématiques dans le PP PYP French Cat 3
Littératie, mathématiques et apprentissage par les symboles dans le cadre de la petite enfance PYP French Cat 3

Event guides and policies

Please read our Cancellation policy  and Completion requirements prior to completing your registration.


Please note that whilst you do not have to be online at a specific time, all participants move from one module to the next at the same time and are required to provide peer-to-peer feedback in active online discussions, therefore it is important that participants are available to be online for at least 4 hours per week for all 4 weeks to ensure eligibility for a certificate.


If a participant will not have internet access for an entire week or more during the workshop, we would advise they register for an alternative date. 


For all of your online workshops queries, please contact support@ibo.org.

General information

Workshops will be conducted in the language specified. Participants’ command of the teaching language must be such as to allow for full and unaided participation. 

All of our online workshops are of 4 week duration and require a minimum 16 hours of workshop time.


Late registrations are NOT GUARANTEED and are subject to a surcharge of USD 70.



USD 450

USD 520 


Choosing the right workshop

Please visit the Which type of training is right for me? page on the IB website for further assistance in workshop selection.