IBAP PYP Cat 1, 2 3 Workshops - Singapore

This early years themed event will open with a plenary:

Plenary: Learner Agency in the PYP classroom

Be careful what you teach, it may interfere with what they are learning” - Magda Gerber

In the PYP we talk about supporting students to become “actively responsible for their own learning” and to take “meaningful action in response to their own needs and the needs of others” (IBO, 2016) . What does this really mean for young learners and what is the relationship between action and learner agency? This presentation/discussion/keynote will look at how these aspects are embedded within the PYP framework and how they relate to the learner, learning and teaching and the learning community. We will also share some of the findings from a local research initiative that looked at the lived experience of the PYP standards and practices in early year settings.


Plenary Speakers: Claire Forbes & Monita Sen,
IB PYP Regional Managers

Claire Forbes began working with the IB Asia Pacific Team in January 2013 as an Associate Manager for PYP. Her current role supports schools and educators in both the PYP and the DP as they work through the authorization and evaluation processes. Claire has more than 15 years experience working with the PYP, in schools in both Singapore and Hong Kong. She has worked in a variety of roles including grade level teacher, IT specialist, teacher-librarian and PYP coordinator. Claire is also an active member of the IB educator network, taking on regular roles as a workshop leader, school visitor and consultant. Since becoming a mother, Claire has developed a greater passion for mindful early years practice and is particularly passionate about play-based education, not just for the early years!

Monita Sen has over 17 years experience working with the PYP in a variety of roles including teacher roles, as a PYP coordinator and head of school. She began her career as an early years teacher and has been involved in setting up early childhood centres in India. Monita Sen joined the IB team in Singapore in 2012 as the PYP Regional Manager and provides support to schools moving through the authorization and evaluation process. She has also been an active part of the IB Educator network as a PYP workshop leader, school visitor, consultant and workshop developer. Monita holds a Masters degree in Education and English Literature and is currently undertaking a Ed. D with Bath university. Her areas of interest and research include anything to do with early childhood, creativity and transdisciplinary approaches to learning.




Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Making the PYP happen in the classroom in the early years PYP English Cat 1
Assessment in the Early Years (CANCELLED) PYP English Cat 2
Pedagogical Leadership in the early years PYP English Cat 2
3- to 5 year olds PYP English Cat 3
Literacy, mathematics and symbolic learning in the early years PYP English Cat 3
Play-based Learning PYP English Cat 3
The role of arts in the early years PYP English Cat 3