Virtual PYP, MYP, DP, CP and IB Education workshops September 2021

Effective 1st July 2021, the workshop fees will be increased to 470 EUR. The current fees remain in effect for registrations made until 30th June 2021.

*This applies only for 3-day virtual regional workshops and all information will be updated on 1st July 2021.

Important information, terms and conditions:  

Please read carefully prior to registering.   


Primary time zone: Central European Time (CET) GMT+1  



 * PD registration fees include tax, with the exception of Dutch schools and individuals, whose fees are subject to an additional Dutch VAT of 21% 

For descriptions of the individual workshops below, view our online catalogue here:


Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Managing assessment: Individuals and societies MYP English Cat 3
Sciences MYP English Cat 2
Leading the learning PYP English Cat 2
Teaching, learning and assessment in economics DP English Cat 3
Planning for programme evaluation PYP English Cat 3
Design MYP English Cat 2
Creativity, activity, service DP English Cat 2
CP Guidance counsellors CP English Cat 1+2
English A: Language and literature DP English Cat 2
Economics DP English Cat 2
Beyond the disciplines IB Ed English Cat 3

Event schedule