The IB launches the IB Webliography with free resources recommended by IB educators worldwide

The International Baccalaureate (IB) has introduced the IB Webliography – a new digital platform with free resources to support remote learning and teaching during COVID-19 (coronavirus). It is the result of our collaboration with IB educators around the world who share our commitment to support our community during these challenging times.

The IB Webliography offers free access to high-quality resources aligned with IB curricula and pedagogy. These resources are not developed by the IB, but are publicly available sites shared by educators. A dedicated team at the IB reviews all content before hosting it on the new digital platform, ensuring it delivers robust, reliable and accessible teaching and learning support for any IB educator who needs it.

Educators have the opportunity to share resources through the platform, along with guidelines and recommendations on how to best leverage them. This is one of the most distinctive features of the IB Webliography.

Andrea Smith, Head of Enterprise Business Planning and lead of this project said:

"We’re incredibly excited to introduce this innovative project. It has huge promise to be really valuable to our schools."

"We know how much the IB community value the support of their global peers- we hope this site provides a further opportunity for educators to share with their peers details of high quality web resources that are aligned with specific elements of the IB curriculum, along with details of how they use them with their students," she added.

A pilot was launched in June, where teachers and educators tested the new digital interface and provided valuable user feedback. The site now hosts resources related to seven Diploma Programme (DP) subjects and all Primary Years Programme (PYP) subjects. And with the ongoing support of our IB Community, we will continue to improve the platform with new features and content that eventually covers all IB programmes, made available in three languages: French, Spanish and English.

We encourage IB educators to share resources via our new platform to help us continue making valuable information and content available to anyone in our community. Simply visit the IB Webliography and start your resource submission by clicking on 'Submit resource'.