Career-related Programme

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The IB Career-related Programme (CP) is an innovative international education pathway designed for students who want to focus on career-related learning during the last two years of secondary school. Combining academic subjects and career-related studies, the CP develops transferable, lifelong skills that prepares students for further and higher education, apprenticeships, or direct employment.

Benefits of the CP

  • CP students are prepared both academically and professionally, and are equipped with relevant international skills.
  • The programme's core components - language development, personal and professional skills, service learning and a reflective project - foster critical thinking, creativity and global citizenship.
  • With the CP, schools can better serve their students by offering the career pathways that match their needs and interests such as Business, Engineering, Health and Bioscience, Art and Design, Sports Management and many others.
  • The CP combines the three education pillars of the future: academic skills, employability skills and technical skill. The programme promotes invaluable collaboration between schools, universities and employers.  
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