Staff testimonials

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Our staff all play a critical role in fulfilling the IB's mission and goals.

Each day, our colleagues share their diverse cultural perspectives and contribute a wealth of knowledge and expertise to strengthen a growing global community of lifelong learners.

Read and hear directly from staff located across our five global centres worldwide to learn more about their roles and their reasons for joining the IB.

Renco Olaechea photo

Renzo Olaechea — HR Associate Manager, Americas (Bethesda)  

“I joined the IB because I wanted to be part of an organization that shared the same core values as mine, that did something meaningful for the world, and left a positive footprint in society. The IB has given me many opportunities to continue growing at a professional, personal, and educational level. The IB is not only focused on taking care of their students but of their staff as well, they want to see us grow and be better every day. What I like most about working at the IB is the international-mindedness and approach, living in a globalized world such as today, the IB keeps a strong focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

Riziero Pisani photo

Riziero Pisani — Governance Events Coordinator (Geneva) 

"I joined the IB because I wanted to be part of this global organization that so strongly believes in helping young people get the benefits of an international education, which I believe will contribute to developing them into global citizens. The core of my current role as Governance Events Coordinator, is to manage all organizational and logistical aspects of the Governance IB Board meetings anywhere in the world. What I really appreciate at the IB is the philosophy, values and energy that are shared by all staff members, and all of this in a truly global organization."

Stefanie Leong photo

Stefanie Leong — Head of Development (Singapore)

"I joined the IB because I wanted to be part of a global organization that firmly believes that through education we can create a better world for the next generations and be part of a team that actively engages with educators and students."

"The IB learner profile truly represents a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities, and with this embedded in the IB programmes, students can become active compassionate, life-long learners."

"The IB provides opportunities for the individual to grow within the job and also to grow personally. I was attracted to the IB because the focus goes beyond educational programmes and certificates; the organization is motivated by a mission to create a better world through education."