IB employee profile

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The IB Employee Profile is an expression of the IB’s culture consisting of 10 competencies defining how we behave, work and lead and how we should strive to connect, engage and focus.

The competencies were chosen specifically to support the IB’s mission and future-focused strategy plus develop well-rounded professionals who will succeed while at the IB and beyond.

Our 10 behavioural competencies 

International mindedness 

Culturally aware and respectful of others’ points of view, having a global outlook and identifying opportunities for global working.


Proactively takes responsibility for personal actions and decisions and accepts their consequences, acting with integrity and honesty.


Quickly adapts to organizational change with enthusiasm and helps others along the way, overcomes obstacles while being agile, resourceful and resilient.


Establishes authentic and transparent relationships internally and externally, considers interdependencies, values others’ perspectives, and works with others towards common goals.


Drives continuous organizational improvements by proactively generating unique insights, thinking strategically and being future-focused.


Always acts to discover, meet and exceed the needs of the IB’s current and future internal and external stakeholders; ensures alignment with organizational vision and values and helps others achieve organizational goals.

Impact driven

Energetically pursues decisions and positive outcomes, sets ambitious and measurable goals and regularly achieves them, delivers results to a high standard and promptly.


Encourages and conducts two-way transparent dialogue and actively listens, delivers precise thought clearly and logically verbally and in writing, tailors communication style effectively to different audiences and situations.

Analytical thinking

Applies critical and creative thinking when making data-driven decisions and nurtures inquiry and curiosity; deconstructs data to isolate a root cause, incorporates research and relevant information from multiple sources in developing innovative solutions.

Leading & developing people (specific to Line Managers)

Motivates and empowers others to perform at their best, provides positive, constructive, and specific performance feedback, positions people for success and nurtures talent by creating learning and development opportunities, acts as a role model of professional conduct and sets and communicates direction with clarity of purpose.