IB Assessment Language Reviewer

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The role

An Assessment Language Reviewer is responsible for ensuring that the content of the final candidate-ready IB language assessment is free from spelling and grammatical errors. An Assessment Language Reviewer may be asked to complete one of the following two tasks for a given set of examinations: 

  • Second Native Speaker—proofreads the question papers checking for spelling and grammatical errors in the final assessment and confirms that the authentic texts reproduced in the assessment match the original published texts.   
  • Reviser—ensures the final translated assessment materials are an accurate reflection of the final English assessment materials. 


IB Assessment Language Reviewer positions will appear on the vacancies page at the link below. Please note, the recruitment process can take up to three months after the closing date, during which you may be asked to complete a work-based task.

Find out more about the IB Assessment Language Reviewer role [207 KB] pdf

Read the recruitment policy [193 KB] pdf