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IB Chief Examiners work closely with subject managers to provide effective, reliable and continuous leadership of all assessment activities within a subject for the Diploma Programme or at the subject group level for the Middle Years Programme. They are independent from IB World Schools to ensure the validity of assessment.

The role

The IB Chief Examiner sets the academic standard for their subject and makes sure it is maintained. This is achieved by being involved in assessment preparation, marking student work, and deciding on the final grades of students. As an IB Chief Examiner you need to attend meetings (either face-to-face or online) for activities such as question paper editing, examiner standardization and grade awarding. 

As an IB Chief Examiner, you will become a member of the examining board for the IB. You may be invited to participate in curriculum and assessment development alongside teachers, external consultants, and IB academic staff.

As the IB currently operates a seven-year cycle of curriculum review for individual subjects and courses, the exact nature of your involvement will vary according to timing.

The IB Chief Examiner position is part-time, involves no relocation, and is usually undertaken in addition to existing work commitments. It is normally held for five years, with an annual performance review.


Most IB Chief Examiner roles are advertised in July and August in preparation for September of the following year. When IB Chief Examiner positions are available, they will appear on the Vacancies page at the link below. Please note, the recruitment process can take up to six months after the closing date, during which you may be asked to complete additional tasks.

Find out more about the IB Chief Examiner role (PDF, 123 KB) 

Read the recruitment policy (PDF, 128 KB) 


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