January 2013 (issue 67)

“If I hadn’t gone to school, I wouldn’t be here today”

When civil war seized Sierra Leone, Ishmael Beah’s parents were killed – and at 13 he became a child soldier. Now a resident of New York, he’s dedicated to helping others learn from his experience.

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Seeing the world through different eyes

When organizations link up and share their ideas for the future, learning can accelerate at a previously unfathomable pace.

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Acting on education

British actor and presenter Ben Walden is bringing his performance techniques into the classroom to help students find their path in life.

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Learning to listen

Music is an effective tool for teachers to align disciplines and help students make connections in their learning.

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Coastal clean-up

San Diego students are learning while they work to conserve the local beach landscape.

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Funds for the future

How an international education helped inspire a world-renowned economist.

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