IB Virtual Conference 2020

We invite you to 'Reimagine the Future' at our first virtual conference. This will be a unique experience that will extend beyond a traditional four-day conference. Starting on 30 November 2020, the virtual conference platform will open and the conversation will start. Over the following two weeks you will have the opportunity to engage with education experts, IB staff, peers and exhibitors.

Keep up to date using #IBVirtual.

Having gone through the biggest period of disruption ever experienced in global education, educators everywhere are still coming to terms with a huge range of challenges and opportunities. The global gathering will bring together the IB community to use this period of hardship to reflect, to create new models of what the education of tomorrow can be and imagine how education might unfold for students, teachers and learning community in the future.

  • How will we shape future learning and teaching, assessment, and professional development, to guarantee the best outcomes for students, teachers and schools?
  • How will we harness digital learning and data to better understand our community’s needs, and help realize the highest ambitions that we share?
  • How will we make sure that our students reach their full potential, so that future generations of IB graduates continue to make positive impacts across the world?
  • How will we deliver the IB mission to create a better world through education?

This will be a unique opportunity to discuss and define the new approaches and best practices to build a better world through education.

Join thousands of other IB educators around the world and be inspired to reimagine the future of education.