Information about sessions

Keynote speakers deliver high-level presentations around the conference theme, 'Embracing innovation, inspiring action', and topics related to education. These talks set the tone of the conference, spark thinking and provide fresh perspectives.

Head talks 

These are concise presentations, by heads for heads, followed by interactive conversations. In these lively TED-style talks, IB Heads of School will share lessons learned from the past year and best practices for the future. 

IB updates 

These are presentations on important IB messaging and topics relevant to serving the needs of schools. 

Round tables 

These are informal video-group discussions that connect fellow educators around a topic of interest. These topic-specific conversations or 'working groups' will be determined ahead of time for more structured conversations. 

Peer-to-peer breakout sessions 

These are presentations on a variety of topics related to the conference theme that serve as a portion of the larger conference schedule. External presenters will be chosen from those submitted in the 'Call for proposals' process.