Information about sessions

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Keynote speakers deliver high-level presentations about the future of education. These talks set the tone of the conference, spark thinking and provide fresh perspectives.

Breakout sessions

These are presentations on professional development topics focused on IB learners, IB curriculums, and how to better support IB students through the university admissions process. There will be sessions in English, French and Spanish.

Topics will be tailored to both university admissions and recruitment staff and university and career counsellors (UCCs), including:

  • applying to universities in specific countries (e.g. the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.)
  • updates on the 16+ curriculum review
  • setting entry requirements for different IB programmes
  • counselling students from different IB programmes
  • reading IB transcripts
  • updates on IB research
  • supporting student well-being
  • university perspectives and insights of IB students.

If you are interested in presenting a breakout session, visit our “Call for proposals” page.

University fair

This is a unique opportunity for UCCs to learn about study opportunities in universities from all around the world. Through our conference platform, counsellors will be able to visit virtual booths to obtain information and resources about participating universities. Using the interactive features in the booths, counsellors can also ask questions, schedule meetings and chat one-on-one with university representatives.

The university fair will take place on 1 March 2023 1.00pm–3.00pm CET and 2 March 2023 12.00pm–2.00pm EST.