Pre-conference workshops

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Pre-conference workshops are full-day workshops that will take place on Thursday 25 July 2024. These sessions are designed to enhance your conference experience and help you gain professional and leadership skills.  

Pre-conference workshop 1: Building strong foundations for community-led change 

This session explores strategies implemented by IB schools all over the United States. It will benefit schools new to establishing IB programmes or those working to remove barriers that prevent the whole school community from accessing and benefiting from the IB high-quality design for learning and teaching. We will explore strategies for building strong coalitions and learning teams to advance community ownership for transforming schools with IB programmes into IB World Schools. Participants will network with other leaders as we navigate common challenges schools face and uncover optimal ways to sustain high-quality education for all students. 

Pre-conference workshop 2: Comment la réflexion fondée sur des données probantes améliore-t-elle le développement intentionnel d’un programme ?  [Delivered in French]

L'atelier explorera comment la planification du développement d’un programmes peut maximiser l'apprentissage des étudiants en mettant l'accent sur la recherche-action. Les responsables pédagogiques auront l'occasion de réfléchir aux différentes étapes de la planification du développement d'un programme et de considérer l'importance de la collecte et de l'analyse des preuves dans chacune d'entre elles. Rejoignez l'équipe du Service des écoles du monde de l’IB dans un atelier interactif qui visera à identifier, avec les participants, les facteurs clés de succès d'un plan de développement de programme, en mettant l'accent sur la définition de l’axe de développement et l'implication de la communauté scolaire dans un processus de développement collaboratif.  

Pre-conference workshop 3: ¿De qué manera puede la reflexión basada en evidencia potenciar el desarrollo intencional de los programas?  [Delivered in Spanish]

El taller explorará cómo la planificación del Desarrollo de los programas puede Desarroll el aprendizaje del alumnado Desarrollo énfasis que propone en la investigación-acción. Los/as líderes pedagógicos/as que participen del taller tendrán la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre las distintas etapas de la planificación del Desarrollo de los programas y de Desarrol la importancia de la obtención y el análisis de evidencia en cada una de ellas. Súmese al equipo de responsables de Colegios del Mundo del IB participando en un taller interactivo que se propone identificar, conjuntamente con los/as asistentes, los factores clave para el éxito de un plan de Desarrollo de los programas, Desarrol hincapié especialmente en la definición del área de atención o enfoque del plan y en la participación de la comunidad escolar en un proceso colaborativo de Desarrollo.   

Pre-conference workshop 4: Developing the school district as a learning organization to support an IB education 

This session is intended for school district-level administrators or teams led by district-level administrators to workshop strategies to support IB programmes in the district. The workshop will utilize the conceptual framework of organizational learning theory to develop concrete strategies to support schools and teachers in delivering an IB education in the district's context. 

Pre-conference workshop 5: Equitable coaching practices to support IB teachers 

This session is designed for administrators, coordinators and teachers who serve as instructional leaders. This pre-conference session focuses on the facilitation of an environment where IB teachers are supported for professional development. Participants will explore cognitive coaching resources in concert with IB resources that may be used to promote equitable coaching. 

Participants will also unpack states-of-mind techniques to reflect on equity in their current coaching practices and rehearse new methods. By the end of this session, participants will leverage cognitive coaching techniques to support IB teachers in professional development. This pre-conference session is facilitated through rehearsal-style experiences. Participants are encouraged to use electronic devices to actively engage in developing professional practices and coaching plans while studying the data that informs individual practice. Participants will leave the workshop with an action plan to support teacher growth and professional environments for success. 

Pre-conference workshop 6: How can evidence-based reflection enhance intentional programme development? 

This workshop will explore how programme development planning can optimize student learning through its emphasis on action research. Pedagogical leaders participating in the workshop will have the opportunity to reflect on the different stages of programme development planning and to examine the importance of evidence collection and analysis. Join the team of IB World Schools' leaders for an interactive workshop that aims to identify—together with attendees—the key factors for the success of a programme development plan, with an emphasis on defining the focus of the plan and engaging the school community in a collaborative development process. 

Pre-conference workshop 7: Leadership for deeper learning  

This workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to embrace leadership roles that foster deeper learning. Participants will engage in meaningful conversations, reflective exercises and continuous growth opportunities to delve into the distinctive landscape of an IB World School. The workshop, spanning a single day, will feature four sessions. 

  • Fostering discourse on relationships, engagement, and rigour.
  • Elevating higher-order thinking.
  • Amplifying stakeholder voice, choice and ownership.
  • Exploring deeper learning principles for all. 

The culmination of the day is a session on the programme development plan. By the workshop's conclusion, participants will possess the content, concepts, and contextual understanding needed to assume pedagogical and strategic leadership roles within their schools, fostering an environment conducive to deeper learning. 

Pre-conference workshop 8: Modern integration: The quest for more equitable schools 

Join Shaker Heights City Schools on the quest for racial integration through “detracking” all primary and middle years courses. This public school in Ohio, USA, serves a racially and socio-economically diverse body of 4,600 students across the IB continuum. Shaker Heights, among the first systems to voluntarily integrate after segregation was outlawed, is now tackling a more modern yet prolific challenge; bringing students together through the elimination of separate core and honours classes so that they learn in heterogeneous settings of mixed race and ability. Removing such systemic barriers is essential to full participation in the DP and life beyond. This controversial change continues to require curricular revisions, differentiated professional learning and significant community engagement. Participants will hear from perspectives across the district to learn the full scope of action so that they too may wrestle with how schools can become more integrated and outcomes more equitable. 

Pre-conference workshop 9: Remixing the script: Approaches to teaching and learning as intervention 

This session invites participants to consider the impact of the IB approaches to teaching AND learning in addressing learner variability. It deconstructs potential barriers to learning through the conceptual lenses of self and community while inviting participants to reconstruct their understanding through the lenses of agency, innovation and inclusion. We will examine key conditions and practices that support our diverse learners. This is an inquiry for us to consider possibilities together. How might we flip the script, both figuratively and literally to rethink how “intervention” and “closing gaps” are experienced? How can we strengthen our practices towards “pulling in” instead of “pulling out?”