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These four-hour long workshops will be held on Saturday 26 March 2022 before the main conference begins. They are designed for educators seeking to enhance their professional and leadership skills.

Each workshop provides attendees with the necessary skills to be successful leaders during this time of uncertainty and change in education. The masterclasses are interactive and in-depth, allowing attendees to build skills that can be implemented in their local contexts.

These presentations are relevant to the needs of schools and school communities, expanding on what educators have learned through practical implementation.  

Attendees must register for the in-person conference to attend the masterclasses. The cost of an in-person registration is 875 USD. Masterclasses are not sold separately.   

Masterclass 1: Creating engaging classrooms through the integration of technology

Strand: Educational technology and innovation 

Presenter: Trapti Trivedi

Approaches to learning and learner profile attributes can be further strengthened in today’s constantly changing scenario by the effective use of technology in classrooms.

In this masterclass, participants will learn about the use of various technological tools that have been successfully used by educators. Some of the examples of the tools that the participants will learn are as follows:

  • video editing
  • creative poster-making platforms
  • digital planners
  • podcasting
  • creating a website using free website tools
  • digital note-taking apps
  • other technological tools that are part of the everyday life of Generation Z.

In addition, participants will be able to create various interactive activities for their lessons. These include online drag and drop tools to place concepts in the correct category, online cloze passages, online crosswords and many more. Participants will be able to generate their own QR codes for these activities which can be shared with students.

Participants will be given time to learn, explore, apply and share the results with others.

Masterclass 2: The MUST of education—TODAY! (CANCELLED)

Strand: Inclusive education and wellbeing 

This workshop aims to help educators get a peek into some of the best practices to promote inclusive education at the heart of teaching and learning.

Masterclass 3: Understanding and practicing leadership for teacher agency

Strand: Leadership 

Presenter: Benjamin Zonca

This workshop will explore conceptions of agency as they relate to the professional lives of teachers. Drawing on key academic work in the area, we will unpack what a relational conception of agency might look like in practice. Such a conception sees agency as the interrelationship between personal and professional histories, desired futures and the cultural, structural and material environment in which teachers are situated. Framed in this way, we will engage with the practical implications of agency as a relational or environmental phenomenon that is constantly enacted by teachers in both innovative and resistant ways. To do this, we will explore examples of innovative and resistant behaviours by teachers, considering how the structural, cultural and material conditions in our schools, as well as teachers’ personal or professional histories, make these performances of agency, both innovative and resistant, possible.

Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of agency that is applicable to their context, with access to a toolbox of strategies that helps to illuminate areas that might be addressed to ensure their school environment provides the conditions for the enactment of teacher agency. 

Masterclass 4: The world in us: Advancing practical global citizenship education

Strand: Learning and teaching 

Presenter: Dr Nick Palmer 

A masterclass focused on the presenter's research into global citizenship education. 

Masterclass 5: The Compassionate Systems approach

Strand: Learning and teaching 

Presenter: David Secomb 

Global warming, social inequality, migration flows and epidemics of substance abuse—the challenges that humanity currently faces are parts of interdependent global systems. As we seek solutions to these worldwide issues, we must also find ways to help young people cope with the complexity of these issues. This masterclass will offer an introduction to the Compassionate Systems approach, which provides one such perspective. Drawing on theories and practical tools from social emotional learning and the field of complexity science, this approach gives an opportunity for all learners to develop a cognitive and effective foundation for global citizenship.

Examples of how this approach has been used with IB students of all ages will be offered, along with suggestions of how the approach could be cultivated in a variety of school contexts. Practical application of systems thinking and sensing tools will form a large part of this masterclass. 

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