Pre-conference workshop presenters

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Jonathan Guy Kelly 

Pre-conference workshop 1: Future design-oriented thinking: How are you embracing a fast-changing, challenging world?  

Jonathan is the Head of Design and Technology at Hangzhou International School in Zhejiang, China. With over 25 years of experience, Jonathan is an international educator known for establishing cutting-edge Design and Technology facilities in the UK, New Zealand, India, and China. Jonathan has conducted IB workshops globally, covering topics such as PYP/MYP Inquiry and MYP Design. He is also a trained Head of School across IB Continuums, with expertise in "Leading the Learning" (Category 1 and 2) and program evaluation planning (Category 3). 

Hema Rai 

Pre-conference workshop 2: Demystifying programme development plans: Unveiling their role and alignment with Programme standards and practices (PSP)  

Hema is an experienced educator with a master’s in microbiology. Before moving to her current endeavor at International School Manila, she worked as MYPC, DPC and Science educator at Zhuhai International School and various schools in India. Hema has been an IBEN member since 2017 and serves as workshop leader for MYP/DP, IB continuum workshops & online workshop facilitator. She is also a Consultant, School visit team leader, School visit team member, Program leader, Evaluation leader and IB chair for multi-programme & synchronized visit.   

Florian Baciu  

Pre-conference workshop 3: How does evidence-based reflection enhance intentional programme development?  

As an IB World Schools Manager based at the Global IB Centre in Singapore, Florian Ciprian engages with schools to provide partnership, guidance and support so that they achieve their teaching, learning, and assessment objectives. His focus is on advocating for school priorities while promoting increased depth and breadth of programme development, and also serving as a catalyst for school success to help enhance trust and loyalty. Passionate about the protection of the natural environment and a trained aviculturist, Florian is a supporter of multilingualism, global citizenship and social justice. 

Suman Sethi 

Pre-conference workshop 3: How does evidence-based reflection enhance intentional programme development?  

Suman Sethi, an IB World Schools Manager, has worked for more than 28 years in Asia and Africa as an IB educator and schools administrator. As a very approachable and caring manager, Suman’s role is to provide schools with very specialized support and respond to their needs for implementing IB programmes and interpreting IB principles into practice. She gives guidance as schools progress to their first assessments, programme evaluation and beyond to achieve their potential. 

Kala Parasuram 

Pre-conference workshop 4: Towards excellence in education: Designing and developing an inclusive approach to learning and teaching  

Dr Kala Parasuram is the IB's Senior Manager for Equity and Inclusive Education. In her role, Kala leads on equitability and inclusivity in the design and development of IB curriculum and assessments across all four IB programmes. She also creates policy and guidance to support schools in their inclusive approaches to learning and teaching.   

An educator with a specialization in inclusive education, Kala has a PhD in Education, an MA in Special Education, and an MA in Movement Therapy. With a career spanning three decades in inclusive education, she has worked in India, the USA, and the UK in various capacities, including as a classroom teacher, university lecturer, research head, inclusive education consultant for schools, community-based practitioner, and policy maker. Driven by a deep commitment to inclusion, Kala also serves as a Board member of ASDAN, a UK awarding body that offers qualifications for learners aged 11 – 25 facing the greatest challenges. 

Debbie Tai 

Pre-conference workshop 5: From language learners to language leaders: Fostering success in K-12 IB language learning  

Debbie Tai is a bilingual educator who is dedicated to international school management, authentic leadership, and curriculum development. Debbie joined ISA Science City after serving most recently as the Enhanced Language Program Coordinator at Wesley College in Melbourne, Australia. Before this, she served as the Head of PYP Chinese at Discovery College in Hong Kong, as well as the Chairperson of the Primary Chinese Curriculum Committee at ESF (English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong). As a highly respected member of the IB Educator Network (IBEN), Debbie consults internationally as an IB workshop leader for teacher training and curriculum development. 

Min Li  

Pre-conference workshop 6: Implementing learner-driven programmes: Using self-reflective inquiry as an effective and systematic approach 

Min Li has over 15 years of experience leading school program development of varied scales in her roles as secondary school principal, vice principal of learning and teaching, MYP coordinator, head of languages, and Chinese curriculum coordinator. As an IBEN member since 2009, she has supported school growth in different regions and contexts in her capacity as program/evaluate leader, school evaluation team leader/member, consultant, reader, workshop leader, examiner, and previous eAssessment author. She has an Ed.M. in education leadership and curriculum/teaching from Columbia University in 2014 and her B.A. in Chinese language and literature from Fudan University in 2005. 

Rachel Samson 

Pre-conference workshop 6: Implementing learner-driven programmes: Using self-reflective inquiry as an effective and systematic approach 

Rachel Samson has implemented program-wide initiatives as MYP coordinator to support teachers’ reflexive inquiry of their approach to teaching core MYP aspects, such as ATL Skills and Service as Action. The resulting map of organic connections across the program became a foundation for team goal-setting and curriculum improvements. She was also a Personal Project Coordinator and Service Leader which drives her passion for student-centered learning in a holistic way. She has been an MYP science teacher for 9 years. Her B. Sc. is from the University of Toronto in 2013 and her B. Ed. from Queens University in 2015.