IB Education Forum Japan

The Education Forum Japan takes place on 23 February at the Osaka Jogakuin Senior High School. Come join us for a groundbreaking education event where you can meet other educators and thought leaders, and share your ideas on international education.

This year’s IB Education Forum Japan 2020 provides learners with community platform for teachers to learn and think about agency, how agency can be developed through leadership in schools and what are the recent developments in IB programmes that will support this. We welcome the masses of educators from the IB World Schools, candidate schools, and interested schools to participate.

Agency by Design

IB is the first global educational organization to promote and implement "children's agency development". This new concept of education, with its core, will gradually implement and cover all IB programs for ages 3-19, leading to an overall upgrade of IB standards and practices, curriculum, pedagogy and professional development.

IB advocates "student-centered education," and in order to further achieve this goal, enhanced PYP was released in 2018, which emphasizes student agency and gives students three major rights, including voice, choice and ownership. By giving inspiring learning engagements, students can fulfill their potential and take responsibility for their own and social development.

To this, the IB World Schools have accumulated plenty of practical experiences, also eager to have the chance for further communication and exchanges in order to promote the development of Student Agency by Design.

Please contact ibapdevelopment@ibo.org if you have any queries