Terms and conditions for session proposals

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When submitting a proposal for the 2020 Global Conference in The Hague, please make sure it adheres to the following terms and conditions.

  • The same school or institution may not appear on more than two proposals. 
  • It is the primary presenter’s responsibility to communicate all official correspondence in a timely manner to all co-presenters. 
  • All breakout sessions are 60 minutes in length and should include interaction and discussion. 
  • All session rooms are set up in theatre style and stationary will not be provided. More information on the room specifications will be provided upon approval of the workshop presentation. 
  • The rooms will range from 50 to 300 capacities, and this will be assigned by the IB Review Committee based on a number of factors including target audience and topic. 
  • IB Global Conferences provide voluntary professional development opportunities. All session presenters and co-presenters are required to pay the full conference registration fee (early bird registration discounts are available). 
  • IB will not reimburse any expenses. 
  • Presentations should not promote commercial purposes and focus only professional development. 
  • All presenters must be available to present anytime during the IB Global Conference (excluding pre-conference sessions).