Before the main conference starts, registered particpants can attend our pre-conference sessions. The full day pre-conference session will take place on 16 March at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at Centralworld. These sessions are specially selected for educators that are looking for opportunities to enhance their professional skills. It will be conducted by industry professionals.

To read more about the speakers at our pre-conference sessions, please visit our dedicated speakers page.

Global Conference Bangkok 2020 pre-conference sessions

P1: The Art of Persuasion

Speaker: Tan Teck Beng – Director, Performance Leadership Pte Ltd

Session overview
Do you struggle to receive desired outcomes when pitching an idea, negotiating with stakeholders or receiving commitment from team members? In order to achieve positive outcomes in these circumstances, the ability to be persuasive is pivotal to success.  This session expounds on time-tested approaches in influencing and providing participants with a process and the skills for communicating more persuasively with their target audience.

P2: Building a High-Performance Team

Speaker: Kamarul Zaman Alias – Partner and Management Consultant, Strategyc Consulting

Session overview
Is there a lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability or an inattention to results in your team? Are you a new or aspiring middle teaching or non-teaching leader who is keen to improve your skills to develop a stronger team for greater impact and results? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, join this workshop to learn how to overcome dysfunction and build/strengthen a team that brings results.

P3: Managing Stakeholders and Conflict

Speaker: Gina Phan – Founder and Principal Consultant, Zinfinity Consulting

Session overview
Looking at how to mitigate conflicts in your workplace? Do you often find that your team’s work is often impended by conflict with unfavourable outcomes? At work, stakeholders have different priorities and interests which can lead to conflicts. Hence, knowing how to handle conflict is key to a successful organisation. This workshop provides teaching and non-teaching staff alike the principles of managing different stakeholders and conflicting interests more effectively.

P4: Mental Toughness: Performing Under Pressure

Speaker: Edgar Tham – Founder, Chief Sport & Performance Psychologist, SportPsych Consulting

Session overview:

Today’s modern workplace is fast-paced, ever-changing and increasingly challenging. Always feel like there is too much to cope with the increasing pressure to perform, either as individuals or as teams? Researches have shown that the key to succeeding in these highly pressurised environments is to develop mental toughness.

P5: Strategic Drivers for Leaders

Speaker: Paul Ch’ng – Founder and Principal Consultant, Strategyc Consulting

Session overview:
Ever wondered what drives strategic success? Harvard Business Review revealed that ‘bad strategy’ was the primary factor contributing to the failure of 750 businesses over 25 years. On top of managing operational demands, leaders must view their organisations through strategic lenses. This workshop will provide leaders in education the strategic drivers of success and equip them with a proven process for setting direction.


Please note: the registration cost for each of the pre-conference session is at SGD 600