Before the main conference starts at 5pm on Thursday, 24 October, registered participants can attend our pre-conference sessions. The full day pre-conference sessions will take place between 10:30am and 4pm on Thursday, 24 October 2019, at the conference venue, the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

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Global Conference Abu Dhabi 2019 pre-conference sessions 

P1: Theory of knowledge across the curriculum

Speakers: Jenny Gillett and Oksana Jajecznyk
Session overview:

Theory of knowledge (TOK) is one of the core elements of the Diploma Programme (DP). It provides students with a unique opportunity to reflect on how they know what they know, and to become more aware of their own perspectives as well as those of others. It is intended that TOK should support, and be supported by, the academic disciplines; a key part of this is the effective integration of TOK across the curriculum. This interactive pre-conference session will explore ways that teachers can make effective links to TOK in their subject classes, and how coordinators/ pedagogical leaders can support teachers with making these links. The session aims to explore this topic in an accessible, practical and down to earth way, and to provide examples and ideas for participants to take back to their schools.

P2: Ecoles francophones: Renforcer les programmes de l’IB au sein de votre établissement scolaire & partager les meilleures pratiques

Speakers: Rémy Lamon and Nicholas Lyddon
Session overview:

Cette préconférence est destinée au renforcement et à l’amélioration de la mise en œuvre des programmes d’enseignement de l’IB en langue française. Toute école francophone ou bilingue est invitée à découvrir les techniques afin de développer au mieux les programmes de l’IB dans leur contexte. Les participants auront également l’occasion de communiquer leur expérience au sein du groupe, de partager sur la reconnaissance universitaire d’une éducation de l’IB dans le monde, et de contribuer à la rédaction d’un plan d’action commun pour l’avenir de la langue française au sein de l’IB.

P3: Colegios en España: refuerce los programas IB en su colegio y comparta las mejores prácticas

Speaker: Antonio Muñoz
Session overview:

Esta pre-conferencia está destinada a reforzar y mejorar la implementación de los programas de enseñanza del IB en español. Se invita a cualquier colegio en España a descubrir técnicas para desarrollar mejor los programas IB en su contexto. Los participantes también tendrán la oportunidad de compartir su experiencia dentro del grupo, contribuir al desarrollo de un plan de acción conjunto y debatir sobre las necesidades en el IB en cuanto a recursos en español.

P4: Transitioning to PYP: From Principles into Practice; using Programme Standards and Practices to unlock the full potential of the programme

Speakers: Nicole Bien and Sarah Brown
Session overview:

The PYP has undergone its first major review since inception, launching with PYP: From Principles into Practice in 2018. Whilst core components remain trusted, timeless and transformational, enhancements have made the programme better for students, easier for teachers to implement and more flexible for IB World Schools. This pre-conference will support educators in identifying ways in which key enhancements offer opportunities for change and growth within learning and teaching. Alongside these inquiries, we will be exploring the transition process for IB World Schools at different stages in their journey, whilst mapping next steps against the revised IB Programme Standards and Practices to help unlock the full potential of the programme and express how it might live and grow within your own practice and school context*.

*This pre-conference is not recommended for educators who have already attended, or will be attending, the new PYP category 3 workshop: Building for the future. This pre-conference is suitable for educators from interested, candidate and authorised schools.

P5: Using the revised Standards and Practices as a tool to support ongoing programme implementation and development in IB World Schools

Speakers: Katrin Fox, Margareth Harris and Jane Drake
Session overview:

Every member of a school community contributes to the environment and culture in which the learning is embedded, which is driven by a shared purpose, aligned with the IB mission of “developing responsible members of local, national, and global communities”. This understanding is at the centre of the revised Standards and Practices (S&Ps) for implementation from September 2020. The focus of the pre-conference is the revised S&Ps and is aimed at pedagogical leaders, such as coordinators, academic directors, and/or heads of school.

The pre-conference enables participants to

a) increase familiarity with the framework of the revised S&Ps;

b) embrace the revised S&Ps as a transformational tool for school development;

c) establish confidence to use the revised S&Ps within the participant’s own school context.

Participants will explore the revised S&Ps, the impact they can have on whole school strategic planning and their implications for programme implementation.

P6: Developing the IB continuum of education in your school

Speakers: John Sauer, Fidelis Nthenge and Jane Drake
Session overview:

An opportunity for participants to share with, and learn from, continuum IB World Schools, and explore strategies to develop the continuum of education in their school.

All participants will be asked to reflect on the themes in advance of the pre-conference and bring real world examples of the ways in which they implement the IB continuum in their school context.

Some participants will be asked to prepare a short presentation in advance of the pre-conference on one of the areas identified in the session overview; they will be asked to lead a discussion in groups sharing their experience of developing the continuum in their school.

P7: Strengthening MYP implementation

Speakers: Nicole Bien, Emanuele Pesoli and Eleonore Kromhout
Session overview:

In this interactive workshop, participants will use a series of case studies as a basis for exploring the latest research about the MYP. The workshop will conclude with an opportunity to share strategies for discussion about how the distinctive features of the MYP can enhance students’ learning experience.