Navigating leadership

  • Thème de l’atelier: Dir + PP + PEI + Dip + POP
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Niveau: Cat 3

Ibicus Virtual MYP, DP, IB Education, and Leadership Workshops in October 2022, BST (GMT/UTC+1)

These workshops are organized by Ibicus in cooperation with the IB.

All workshops will be delivered virtually via a web conferencing or online
learning platform.

Primary time zone: British Summer Time

Ibicus Workshops and subject information

Read our workshop category scenarios for guidance on which workshop category is right for you.


Nom de l’événement Thème de l’atelier Langue Niveau
Español ab initio (Spanish Ab Initio) Dip Espagnol Cat 1
TOK for subject teachers Dip Anglais Cat 3
The role of the supervisor in the extended essay Dip Anglais Cat 3
Sports, exercise and health science Dip Anglais Cat 1
Sciences PEI Anglais Cat 2
Planning for programme evaluation Dip Anglais Cat 3
Navigating leadership Dir + PP + PEI + Dip + POP Anglais Cat 3
Mathematics: Analysis and approaches Dip Anglais Cat 1
Mathematics PEI Anglais Cat 2
Leading the learning (For schools applying for candidacy on or before 1 August 2022) PEI Anglais Cat 1
Language and literature PEI Anglais Cat 2
Investigating inquiry Éduc IB + PP + PEI + Dip + POP Anglais Cat 3
Individuals and societies PEI Anglais Cat 2
Counselling Dip Anglais Cat 1