Leading with a clear vision and strategy (Cancelled)

Thème de l’atelier:  Dir + PP + PEI + Dip + POP
Langue:  Anglais
Niveau:  Cat 3


Nom de l’événement Thème de l’atelier Langue Niveau
Coordination (Cancelled) Dip Anglais Cat 1
Global politics (Cancelled) Dip Anglais Cat 1
Psychology (Cancelled) Dip Anglais Cat 1
Biology (Cancelled) Dip Anglais Cat 2
The role of the supervisor in the extended essay (Cancelled) Dip Anglais Cat 3
CP Personal and professional skills (Cancelled) POP Anglais Cat 1
Leading with a clear vision and strategy (Cancelled) Dir + PP + PEI + Dip + POP Anglais Cat 3
Arts-Performing: Delivering the MYP curriculum (Cancelled) PEI Anglais Cat 2
Individuals and societies: Managing assessment in the MYP (Cancelled) PEI Anglais Cat 3
Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency (Cancelled) PP Anglais Cat 1
Concept-driven learners (Cancelled) PP Anglais Cat 2
Engaging collaborative communities (Cancelled) PP Anglais Cat 2
Building for the future (Cancelled) PP Anglais Cat 3
Digital citizenship (Cancelled) PP Anglais Cat 3