Keynote speakers

Find out more about the keynote speakers at the European Education Festival 2020.

Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg

A former teacher in elementary school, Pierre Dillenbourg graduated in educational science (University of Mons, Belgium). He started his research on learning technologies in 1984. He obtained a PhD in computer science from the University of Lancaster (UK), in the domain of artificial intelligence applications for education. He has been assistant professor at the University of Geneva. He joined EPFL in 2002. He has been the academic director of Center for Digital Education, which implements the MOOC strategy of EPFL (over 2 million registrations).

He is full professor in learning technologies in the School of Computer & Communication Sciences, where he is the head of the CHILI Lab: "Computer-Human Interaction for Learning & Instruction ». He is the director of the leading house DUAL-T, which develops technologies for dual vocational education systems (carpenters, florists,...). With EPFL colleagues, he launched in 2017 the Swiss EdTech Collider, an incubator with 80 start-ups in learning technologies In 2018, he co-founded LEARN, the EPFL Center of Learning Sciences that brings together the local initiatives in educational innovation. . He is a fellow of the International Society for Learning Sciences.

Cathrine E. Tømte

Cathrine Edelhard Tømte has studied technology and education for almost fifteen years. She has previously been affiliated with the Norwegian Center for ICT in education and the OECD, and for 10 years at Nordic Institute for Studies on Innovation, Research and Education, NIFU. While at NIFU  she led several studies on technology use in education, including Norway's first report on the developments of professional digital competence in teacher education institutions. She has led a longitudinal study of 1: 1 initiative of Chromebooks in a municipality. Since September 2018, she is affiliated with the Department of Information Systems at the University of Agder, and responsible for the development and implementation a new course on teacher’s professional digital competence, a new topic of 30 credits for primary school teacher students. Tømte has published extensively nationally and internationally. Tømte has a PhD from Norwegian University of Technology and Science from 2005.