Understanding the CP (CANCELLED)

PD Topic area:  CP
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 3

Event Theme
Using Sustainable Development Goals within IB Classrooms

Event Plenary

Hosted by the United Nations International School Hanoi, this themed event will highlight how sustainability and action are key aspects of the IB and UN missions. This event will feature inspirational keynote speakers from education and social enterprise who will explore how young people can help create a more peaceful and sustainable future. It will also highlight how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can be used as a framework for service and action and encourage educators to consider how inquiry can lead to responsible action in their school contexts. 


Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Global politics DP English Cat 2
Interdisciplinarity and the world studies extended essay DP English Cat 3
Understanding the CP (CANCELLED) CP English Cat 3
Developing service learning IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Investigating Inquiry IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Learning diversity and inclusion IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Living and learning globally IB Ed + PYP + MYP + DP English Cat 3
Global contexts for teaching and learning MYP English Cat 3
Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP MYP English Cat 3
Get connected! Engaging in authentic global learning practices PYP English Cat 3
The learning environment and inquiry PYP English Cat 3
Transdisciplinary learning for subject specialists PYP English Cat 3

Speakers details

Day 1 Plenary speaker: Lê Nguyễn Thiên Hương

Lê Nguyễn Thiên Hương, 31, is an educator and social entrepreneur who co-founded Save Sơn Đoòng, an organisation created to advocate for sustainable development in Vietnam.

Hương will speak about the role of young people and educators can play in creating positive social change such as Save Sơn Đoòng, created to protect the unique beauty of the largest known cave in the world, Sơn Đoòng in Quang Binh, Vietnam. In 2017, Save Son Doong, with support from Photographer Martin Edstrom and Samsung Vietnam, launched a VR exhibition to share natural heritage significance of Sơn Đoòng and to generate support for its preservation.

Graduating from Brandeis University with a Master degree in Sustainable Development and a Master degree in Nonprofit Management, Hương currently works at Fulbright University in Ho Chi Minh City and was featured in Forbes 30 under 30, a list honoring Vietnamese young people who have made a positive contribution to different fields.

Day 2 Plenary speaker: Colin Campbell & Joshua Smith.
Colin & Josh will share their experiences of working with students, teachers, parents and local partners on projects designed to engage meaningfully with the UN’s Global Goals.

Colin Campbell is the Middle and High School Service Learning Coordinator and teacher of film and media at UNIS Hanoi. Colin has worked with state and international schools in Scotland, Vietnam and Japan for more than 20 years. His experience includes teacher education in rural schools in central Vietnam, founding a social enterprise focusing on outdoor and service-based learning. His current role at UNIS includes coordinating the 24 service projects running in the MS and HS UNIS.

Joshua Smith is the PYP Coordinator at UNIS Hanoi and has worked in a variety of educational settings in England, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia prior to settling in Vietnam. He has previously served UNIS Hanoi as a teacher and Service Learning Coordinator. Josh has worked at establishing connections between the Sustainable Development Goals and curricular programs since the goals were introduced in 2015. He is continually searching for opportunities to collaborate with other educators to empower students and support colleagues to take authentic action for issues they are passionate about.