Cultivating learning-focused IB World Schools (Leadership) (3 days: Mar 26-28 @ $1,250)

PD Topic area:  ALL
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 3

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Cultivating learning-focused IB World Schools
(3 days: Mar 26-28 @ $1,250)

In this workshop, you will apply a number of leadership capabilities to build learning focused IB World Schools. You will do this through engaging in snapshots of practice in a range of contexts and applying these to your own. You will explore the challenges of leading IB World Schools and preparing students to live in the 21st century. In addition, you will refine your capacity to play the leading role in guiding a school through IB Authorization and beyond; develop appreciation for the IB mission statement, philosophy and pedagogy; and determine what success can and does mean for your school and its stakeholders.


Governance: Introduction to the IB for school owners and board members
(2 days: Mar 27-28 @ $1,250)

This 1.25 day workshop will allow owners and school operators to explore the issues involved in owning and governing a school that operates one or more of the IB Programmes. In particular, participants will examine the rationale for investing in IB education. They will understand how IB values influence all aspects of the brand and its implementation. A method will be given to determine the ongoing financial commitment to develop the school’s programme. Participants will examine the governance models and the governing process in an IB school and how this practice relates to CIS accreditation and IB authorization and evaluation processes. Participants will engage in a practical exercise that demonstrates the constructivist teaching and learning expected in IB schools. Finally the participants will develop an action plan to take back as the governors of the school, in support of the IB philosophy.

We encourage both School Governing Bodies and current and potential investors to attend the full two day workshop, to ensure that there is a full understanding of the financial and governance requirements of being an IB school. However, experienced Governing Bodies in existing schools may feel it to be unnecessary to attend the Investor section, and just attend the Governance section, which starts in the afternoon of the first day.


Understanding leadership
(3 days: Mar 26-28 @ $1,250)

Leadership is a social construct, positioned in time and place and influenced by personality. This workshop aims to expose, test, and critique the assumptions upon which each participant’s own style, definition and understanding of leadership are based. Leadership theory and current research will form the basis for discussion with case studies and the participants’ own experiences being used to explore leadership, crosscultural investigations and the impact of culture on leadership styles and practices. There will be an emphasis on the complex, contextual and holistic nature of leadership, and participants will build deeper understandings of how to adapt their leadership style in different contexts.

The workshop will include an introduction to the capabilities and intelligences, core themes and leadership processes that are considered to be most supportive of effective leadership in a range of IB contexts. In line with IB philosophy, participants will be encouraged to develop an investigative mindset, become more inquiry- based and reflective practitioners while modeling life-long learning. Action research will be introduced, helping candidates identify major issues that leaders may face, while planning possible responses that reflect an awareness of local context. Participants will develop and articulate a deeper understanding of their own philosophy, and draft a personal philosophy statement that can then be evaluated as to relevance and effectiveness with reference to daily practice in IB World Schools, through using a reflective journal or blog.




Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Cultivating learning-focused IB World Schools (Leadership) (3 days: Mar 26-28 @ $1,250) ALL English Cat 3
Governance: Introduction to the IB for school owners and board members (Leadership) (2 days: Mar 27-28 @ $1,250) ALL English Cat 3
Understanding leadership (3 days: Mar 26-28 @ $1,250) ALL English Cat 3